4 Features That Make WordPress the Leading CMS Worldwide

By 2017, WordPress powered about 29 percent of all the websites in the world, including 15 percent of the top 100 sites. Dating back to 2003, WordPress has also been selected to manage 48 of the world?s top 100 blogs and translated to over 40 languages. The figures say it all.? However, you are probably wondering why this Content Management System (CMS) is so popular?

Unfortunately, it would be difficult to pin down this popularity to a single characteristic. While listing all the features that make WordPress so popular would take much more space, the following are four of the most important reasons why webmasters prefer to use this CMS.

Free and Open-Source

One of the greatest contributing factors to the success of WordPress is the fact that the CMS has and will always remain a free and open source system. This means that it is easy for webmasters and other people to find, use, edit, and even redistribute the CMS. Virtually any web hosting company you can think of offers its users an easy way of installing it.

Even if your host does not provide WordPress hosting, you can easily do it yourself. All you have to do is download the program from the official website and install it manually to the appropriate directory.

Thanks to its open source code, you can easily change WordPress to fit your particular requirements. If you ever hit snug, you can always get help from an incredible WordPress community.

Flexibility and Scalability

WordPress offers you a perfectly scalable environment where webmasters can increase a website?s capacity by adding node intersection points or hardware, fast and easy. Meaning that a WordPress website is easy to develop and fast growing without having to deal with complex codes.

Additionally, the environment offers a rich assortment of essential elements like themes, modules, plugins, and templates. Most of these files are available free online and contributed by a community of talented developers. Using CSS, JavaScript, and PHP programming languages, professionals can customize websites to follow requirements.

You can also implement smart pieces of code like remote logging and indexing to build special WordPress functionality and design. The pages in the CMS are easy to create and a programmer?s work is even more cost-efficient.

Ease of Use

It?s not often a web design product can be described as both easy to use and powerful ? and mean it! But, this is a reality when it comes to WordPress CMS. WordPress literally takes web design from the hands of experienced coders through easy to use mouse-click selections that make it accessible for the masses.

In fact, even without the basic CSS or HTML skill sets, you can quickly build and create a website in minutes with WordPress. This is a revolution that has seen more people build websites, reduce dependency on web experts, and empowered millions to explore the world of web design.


While WordPress began life as a blogging platform, smart usage of plugins and an increasing array of built-in features quickly transformed it to a powerful tool. Today, businesses and webmasters are using WordPress to create just about any type of website you can imagine. Whether you are looking for a photography portfolio site, ecommerce site, or just a simple blog, WordPress is fully capable of handling your demands.


With all this power, ease of use, and versatility, WordPress should be your go-to CMS for your next website project. However, if you intend on running a WordPress site, it should be hosted in an environment specifically designed for WordPress. Plus, you want a host that has the software and hardware optimized exclusively for WordPress CMS.