45 Fabulous Tumblr Themes For Free With Splendid Designs

Tumblr is an amazing social media network/micro-blogging website which helps users to share different types of content like media or short-form content. It is a great decision for any micro-blogging fan with an incredible group and wide client base, rather than having to buy followers. You can likewise incorporate Tumblr with existing online journals and can make or adjust pre-characterized layouts in a simple way so individuals see your fascinating contIt is a great decision for any micro-blogging fan with an incredible group and wide client baseent in many modified styles.

Tumblr is an extremely easy to setup blog which requires no professional help. You can do a lot of interesting stuff on Tumblr like post pictures, share various videos, audio etc. without any professional help. It is a great platform for people who want more of their focus to be on the visual things they post instead of written content. Tumblr also provides different kinds of themes which you can choose according to your blog. You can easily customize your blog with the way you want it to look.

Below is a collection of free 45 amazing Tumblr themes that will help you create an astounding blog which will draw a lot of user attention. Most themes are fueled by responsive layouts, flat design and infinite scrolling, land have precisely made framework plans with remarkable customization features. You can catch a great amount of attention by pulling in them with a smooth, new look for your Tumblr! You can without much of a stretch adjust these pre-characterized themes and turn your blog outline from exhausting to exceptional. You can download or install these for free and without any hassle.


Verse is an incredible decision for makers with post creator and gathering blog bolster, attentive typography plan, and custom fitted outlines for each of Tumblr’s post sorts. There are many choices that make it simple to modify your own particular blog, including text styles, dispersing, shading, picture position, and some more.

With verse you can pick your own particular header picture that will show up site wide on posts and pages, a custom sidebar whereupon you can work with pictures or other substance, an immediate merge with Google Analytics and Disqus for remaining present day with your stage decisions.
The inherent mobile format enables a full access to your blog wherever you go. You can blog from anyplace and all over the place! Verse enables you to show symbols on your Tumblr blog which connects to your profiles on Facebook, Google, Github, +, Flickr Instagram, SoundCloud, Pinterest, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube and WordPress.



Sugar is an amazing Tumblr theme which supports all kinds of post types and is fully loaded with great features. This theme has a variable grid layout which plays an important role in making your website a lot more beautiful. It comes with 120 theme options which you can customize according to your choice. Sugar uses a Variable Grid Layout.

Your gathering will be perfectly shown on any gadget. It works simply like your own Look Book! There are a lot of theme choices accessible to alter the topic appearance. Altering the appearance is natural and clear as crystal. Sugar bolsters each of the six Tumblr post sorts.

Takes into account any type of blog! Pagination arrangement can be chosen from Load more, Infinite parchment and Standard menu. A greatest of three pictures can be added to a slide appear in Sugar. Obviously having a solitary picture is consummately fine.


Live 2.0

Live 2.0 is a very cool and a clean theme for everybody which is basically a gallery theme. It’s anything but difficult to introduce and you can set your own experience and alter more than numerous different features by different architects.

This theme also supports all kinds of posts. Live 2.0 is a straightforward and cool tumbler theme for everybody. It’s anything but difficult to introduce and you can set your own experience and modify more than numerous different subjects by different fashioners. This theme is extremely easy to use and you can download it for free without any hassle.

Not only is the theme design good in Live 2.0 but rather the posts which make it more amazing. This theme also has some very amazing custom colors and has a simple design. You can also install this theme for free and you won?t even need any help.



VHX is an astounding video showcase theme which has custom colors and localization support. This theme is made for showcasing your single promotion video to the world. VHX Tumblr theme is another one of a kind outline moderate Tumblr theme.

This is a video Tumblr theme that is completely responsive and it will look perfect on any kind of device. The full-width video area encourages you making fastidiously created video blog. You can pick custom hues and video control framework also. Full width or redo format video choice gives an additional favorable position to set up your Tumblr video blog effortlessly and adequately.

This is a flawless Tumblr theme for videographers. A video feature theme totally made for single advancement video that you jump at the chance to show to people in general. It has an amazing design and is fully loaded with features. You can download this theme for free right away.


Pop Gallery Lite

This is a beautiful tumblr theme which allows you to showcase a lot of different things onto the pop galley. The free form accompanies every single essential element which may be required for a startup to assemble a flawless portfolio site.

This theme has an excellent and clean outline, yet with a particular touch of the round thumbnails. It will separate your Tumblr site from all others.

This theme also has a very responsive website architecture where it will look perfect on any type of device. This theme has an editable shading plan, boundless scrolling, and support for pages and ‘Ask Me’ frame and alot more amazing features. This theme also supports all types of posts which mean you won?t have to stick to just one post type.



Impulse is a minimal three column tumblr theme created by Adorable Themes. It is basically a great theme for portfolio, writers, and photographers. The infinite scrolling is likewise a fascinating element of this responsive theme.

Impulse is a basic three-section Tumblr theme from Adorable Themes. It’s a chill theme for indicating heaps of pictures, yet message posts look fine as well. It executes Tumblr’s new Global Appearance Options, so the customizations you make extend to the portable application rendition of your blog, and additionally the popup that individuals see when they float over your blog name on the dashboard.

This theme has a lot of various customizable colors which include title color, background, post background, post text and accent colors. There are also a lot of theme options which will make this theme even better. The options include infinite scrolling, show or conceal photograph and video subtitles, show/conceal title, depiction, and symbol and a lot more.



Another splendid theme for tumblr fans with extraordinary features that make the look of your website amazing including sharing buttons, infinite scrolling, social symbols, and so on. Wordy is a free Tumblr theme that most appropriate for architect with 20+ alternatives and huge amounts of magnificent and responsive components.

This theme incorporates different choices that make it less demanding to alter your blog including textual styles, dividing, hues, pictures and some more. The “Like” catch on each post will make it basic for your devotees and will enable you to attract activity to your blog.

This truly is another splendid theme for Tumblr that is stuffed with awesome advantages including social symbols, boundless looking over, sharing catches, and so on. This amazing thing will definitely prove itself to be a lot worthy and it will provide you with an amazing website.



Candice is a stunning single column theme made on account of both visual and content posts, which is the reason regardless of what post sort, your posts are shown delightfully. This theme is fully responsive and retina prepared, it will look awesome on any tablet, cell phone, portable workstation and desktop gadget.

Practically everything is effortlessly adjustable without the requirement for any coding. This theme is retina prepared and 100% responsive. It is a highly adjustable theme so you won?t have to worry about it. All the content is adjustable, text style weight and custom textual styles.

This theme has a standard Tumblr textual style and Google text style ready (600+ free textual style alternatives available to you). It has different header logo/content and format choices, social connections up to 17 informal organizations, supports all post sorts and a lot more amazing features.



It is a two section tumblr theme with sidebar for individual blogging background with minimal flat design. This is a high-resolution theme with custom color and custom images. It also supports all kinds of posts types. The most amazing thing about the Cassadage Tumblr theme is that it conveys a perfect message. Pictures, connections, and bio are for the most part obviously observed and top notch.

This theme contains two segments which look equally mesmerizing. This is an established tumblr topic with a pretty sidebar for individual blog involvement with negligible level outline that makes it look proficient.

This theme has a very simple and clean look yet it looks very eye-catching and it is sure to keep your users engaged in its rich content. You can download this theme for free and start using it right away for a beautiful website.


Modern Grid

Modern Grid is a great tumblr theme which comes with a lot of customization options like changing the background, uploading logos, text and colors etc. It also has a masthead that holds information about your Tumblr blog.

Modern Grid consequently stacks your posts utilizing boundless parchment innovation and showcases them in a shocking lattice. Outlined with fresh and expansive typefaces, Modern Grid upgrades clarity, and spotlights consideration on your content.Modern Grid is planned from the beginning to look incredible on every one of your perusers’ gadget, regardless of whether they’re utilizing a telephone, tablet, portable PC or huge show.

You can change the background, content and connection hues, transfer logos, include your own masthead and foundation pictures, all inside the new Modern Grid. You can also share presents on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and reblog on Tumblr from post pages with our delightful online networking catches.



Hipster is a premium theme for free which contains all of the same features as the premium theme free of cost. The theme has a single layout which is perfect for bloggers who write. Hipster encourages you set the scene for your blog with a substantial header picture, with your symbol and first post covering to make a feeling of profundity.

You can add 5 header pictures to be haphazardly stacked on each page stack, and the header adjusts to any screen measure. You can also transfer your own logo, or utilize a blend of your symbol and title – you can modify the title textual style, size and separating to get your style perfectly.

Your web-based social networking joins, pages/menu and hunt are perfectly organized in the sidebar. The sidebar remains settled as you look to keep your personality unmistakable consistently. The straightforward, get design escapes the best approach to keep the emphasis on your substance.



Indy is a very elegant tumblr theme with minimal design and is very easy to use and setup. This theme allows you to select between single grid layouts or two or three column masonry grid layout. Indy has been deliberately worked to give your inventiveness a chance to sparkle all over the place. From iPhones to enormous film screens, your blog will look culminate.

With a little however effective determination of alternatives you can make your blog look superb instantly. No bloated alter screens to swim through. There are no convoluted gatherings to trawl through, simply straightforward, cordial help by email or Twitter on the off chance that you require it.

You can show gigantic photograph backgrounds for entire blog and not only the header. You can also select between the masonry grid layout or the classic single column layout according to your choice.



Rubric is a very classy theme with a modern design where you will see full-screen background images, and glossy magazine-style design. You can download this theme for free and start using it right away. Rubric is an excellent and free tumblr theme for you to redo according to your choice.

You can choose distinctive fonts, colors, background pictures to make your own shocking plan. Rubric is a cutting edge two-section Tumblr theme with a level plan. The theme is mostly responsive, since the segments additionally diminish as the screen width diminishes. Themestatic additionally offer loads more cool, free Tumblr themes.

Rubric is a tantalizingly subject with hands-down excellence. Full-screen foundation pictures, and gleaming magazine-style configuration are in vogue with Rubric. This thing has a very beautiful esign which will make your website look a lot more amazing and appealing for others. You can download this theme for free.



Osprey is a free theme with the option to select between two or three columns. It has two permalinks styles and a very fast loading infinite scroll. It also has a sidebar image and optional post borders. Osprey is a tumblr theme that elements unbounded parchment, sidebar picture, two photograph permalinks with like catch, three blog title textual styles and the rundown goes on.

This website has a collection of beautiful pictures in the form of a grid which make the whole look of the website very stunning. This website is sure to grab the attention of your visitors because of its eye-catching designs. You can download this theme for free ad start using it right away to make a beautiful website.

This theme has a sidebar image and it also provides a fast loading infinite scroll which adds to the beauty of the website. It also comes with seven custom colors which give you a lot of choice.



This theme has a very simple and minimalist design which offers a lot of features. It offers custom colors, infinite scrolling, custom colors and a lot more. Cinereoism is a Tumblr theme that has an adjustable blog width from 500px to 700px, perpetual looking over, adaptable hues, underpins all posts, disqus remarks, new sound player, among considerably more.

This theme has New Audio Player, among numerous different things. It has a very clean and simple design which will look very appealing and make your website look a lot more amazing.

If you love websites with a cleaner design but creative content then this website is definitely the one for you. It has a simple background with a picture on top of it which brings a lot of focus to the item that is being displayed.



Blank is a classy tumblr theme with a very modern design. This theme offers a lot of features like two columns minimum, seven custom colors, multi-sized post, large posts size and so many more. Blank as the name recommends is a ultra moderate Tumblr theme, which is perfect for media makers and photographers.

It includes a focused route which houses the logo and drop down menu. They say that stories tell a thousand words and this is the situation here as there’s a next to no space for content. In case you’re anticipating running with this theme, at that point I exhorted that you have enormous wonderful pictures that are drawing in and can remain solitary without the requirement for any content.

It has a three section matrix layout which is awesome for racking up a gigantic measure of site visits. This theme is super lightweight significance your site will stack amazingly quickly.



OhMyGrid is a beautiful grid based tumblr theme for the inventive sort that puts the substance first. This free theme utilizes void area to sort out your photograph posts into an unstructured framework that is a bit of fine art itself.

On a basic white page and with every photograph isolated from the one beneath by a thin dim line, your assemblage of photographs will looks incredible in any case on the off chance that they are distinctive shapes and sizes. The highest point of the page shows fundamental data and connects, and even a pursuit banish that will pull from the titles you put on photographs.

Singular photograph pages show just medium estimated photographs and require an additional snap for a bigger view, which is immaculate in the event that you more often than not utilize your iPhone to snap pics ? yet won’t be best for proficient picture takers who need to show vast, high-determination photographs.



Salvia is an amazing tumblr theme which accompanies an excellent, yet useful concealed menu for your connections, and symbol. Salvia is insignificant, and centers your post. Everything is abbreviated, limited, and streamlined on Salvia. Salvia is an exceedingly responsive theme as it gives optical survey by resting, panning, and changing presentation resolutions over an extensive variety of gadgets. The inherent format for cell phones enables a full access to your blog wherever you go. You can very easily blog from anyplace and all around!

There are four distinctive format styles you may use on Salvia. You can make it one section, or extend a tiny bit of your posts. All you have to do is simply pick a design style and start working. Salvia is worked for your writability, and decipherability, making the textual styles optical for a superior view.

There are many alternatives that make it simple to modify your own particular blog, including textual styles, dispersing, shading, picture situation, and may more. Salvia is insignificant, and centers your post. Everything is abbreviated, limited, and improved on Salvia. This theme is for all the people who are very creative. This theme is perfect for people like photographers, originator, craftsman, or writer.



Eclipse is a classy tumblr theme which is fully loaded with a lot of amazing features. Eclipse is made in such a way to be as basic as conceivable to get your photographs look much clearer, and more straightforward. There are many choices that make it simple to modify your own blog, including text styles, dispersing, shading, picture situation, and some more. Shading personality can be the greatest piece of having a hip blog.

This theme provides lot possibilities for you. You can redo hues, and demonstrate your image character. Eclipse has made it. The ultra straightforwardness is the thing that best depicts Eclipse. You don’t need to tweak much on Eclipse; your photographs will decide all the temperament on your blog. Everything is here on Eclipse for your work. Eclipse is only an ideal theme for you to utilize it for your portfolio blog.

As the present pattern of long range interpersonal communication is pervasive, we manufactured Eclipse perfect with however many SNS as could be expected under the circumstances. Photographs can be this excellent when you empower the framework display on Eclipse, however in the event that you are in state of mind for blogging, we should simply make it blog.



This is completely responsive theme which means you can work with it on any type of gadget and it will look perfect on any screen type. The format is completely enhanced. This thee is responsive with any program width. Imnotwordy is good with most real programs, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

This is a light-weight theme which won?t let you have any problem. ImNotWordy is a flexible theme that best suits for planners! This theme is perfect to choose for amazing looking website because it has more than 20 alternatives. You can select segments between three to four by basically choosing the design that you require on the dropdown menu! You can choose the columns that best fight the design of your website and how it will make it look perfect.

You also have the option to link everything from your store to informal organizations and show it with stunning symbols. Connecting various stuff has never been this easy. The “Like” catch on each post will make everything more straightforward for your supporters and will enable attract to movement to your blog. It will bring a lot of traffic to your website.



Belfort is a completely responsive theme which looks stunning on any tablet, cell/cell phone, portable PC and desktop gadget. Belfort is a one of a kind single section theme that works with all post sorts including high-res photographs. Connecting to various social profiles is extremely easy as it has social connections of up to 17 interpersonal organizations.

It has an extraordinary sum diverse customization and shading choices. Likewise, it requires no coding abilities by any stretch of the imagination. This theme has standard Tumblr text style and Google textual style where you can have 500+ free textual style alternatives without any hassle. Another amazing thing about this theme is that all the content hues, text style weights and textual style typography are adjustable.

It also has a facebook and Disqus remark framework and it also supports all post types. It is very easy to setup Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr late likes. It provides infinite parchment or read more catch pagination alternatives. It also supports Google Analytics which is a mandatory thing for an amazing website.



Stamp very elegant website which is equally eye-catching and can bring in a lot of attention. It is made with a header and sidebar form; it has an insignificant touch as a base.The look of this theme will make you love your site more than ever because it is spotless, immortal yet adaptable.

This is the moderate matrix Tumblr theme you’ve been searching for, matched with unmatched regard for points of interest. With this theme, you can change the post width/edge, more than 20 text style sorts, 3 photograph float style, unbounded looking over and significantly more.

You can easily change the hues on Stamp to fit your style with the implicit redo board which is amazing. With the inherent lightbox photograph snappy view, looking through photographs is amazingly advantageous. This theme also incorporates the IG feed keeping in mind the amount of photographs you like sharing. Perusing through a blog has never been so natural because of the amazing features that it offers with the inherent interminable parchment.

Stamp has the header and sidebar design assembled ideal inside which will bring a lot of light on your content and make it look a lot more amazing.



Hipster, as its name recommends, is a format made for erratic fine arts and artworks. It highlights an adjustable header and sidebar that offers bunches of choices to customize your websites. You can simply pick a tag to include posts at the highest point of your landing page, paying little mind to when they were posted.

This theme is deal for presentations, critical data and additional exceptional posts. It is likewise incorporated with an Instagram bolster to interface your record with your Tumblr blog. You can utilize your bolt keys to rapidly bounce between posts which are ideal for giving your guests a chance to get inundated in your blog. The format you make in the post editorial manager is the one you see on your blog!

Additionally take a stab at tapping on a photograph to dispatch the light box, enabling you to peruse through the arrangement of full size pictures and see inscriptions. It additionally includes a solitary segment blog design that is completely responsive and versatile neighborly, so your pictures would look astonishing in all screen sizes. You can tweak nearly all that you see by means of the alternatives in your Customize board, no coding required.


Fluid Neue

With over a million introduces, it is Tumblr’s most prevalent theme. Fluid Neue includes absolutely remade sound and photograph set mechanics, redesigned encircling, and shadows, incorporated Twitter, Instagram and Flickr nourishes, and the slickest offer gadget at any point made. A standout amongst other free tumblr theme and the one I would prescribe first to anybody searching for a free tumblr theme.

The theme highlights smooth sharing component on its side that adds the elegance to your blog. Fluid Neue has been totally remade, with each and every Tumblr highlight that you could wish for. This theme has a very amazing design which will definitely catch a lot of attention and obtain a lot of traffic due to its eye-catching design.

It is a responsive theme which means it can work perfectly with any kind o screen and any kind of gadget. This them was released in the year 2009 and it is still loved by everyone due to its amazing features that it offers. You can also very easily share your content on various social media platforms as it has links with different social media widgets and you can place them anywhere.



This Tumblr theme accompanies a thick client encounter approach. Level is a Tumblr theme with a substantial “client encounter approach”, the straightforward and straight forward plan enables your group of onlookers to peruse your blog in an immediate issue.

Level has been intended to make your site simple to explore. It accompanies Particle foundations, which is a discretionary impact that shows cool energized particles as foundation. Its clear outline will enable clients to peruse specifically on your blog. Level additionally utilizes Ajax popup for perusing content without the need to reload. The theme has a completely responsive format, which will make your site look wonderful on mobiles and tablets. The theme additionally accompanies 5 format choices, which will enable you to choose from 5 extraordinary format designs with a similar arrangement of codes. Level has a discretionary boundless looking over element that will naturally stack posts unendingly.

You can reload a solitary post page nearby without reloading the page. With the utilization of Ajax stacking (popup) clients are permitted to peruse content while never expecting to reload. It is likewise worked with a responsive plan, which implies it will look great even on your tablet and cell phones.



Orenda is a beautiful theme which has an adaptable format that permits practically everything inside the theme to be modified. You can change sizes, positions, shapes and setup your site the way you need. Orenda bolsters all post sorts in Tumblr. With its segment control, you can make upwards of 7 sections.

Orenda is depicted as so propelled it may be viewed as a structure. All of the components inside Orenda are adaptable. You have the control to change positions, sizes, shapes and setup your blog only the way you like it. With its 60+ shading and picture alternatives and with the assistance of the Custom CSS choice you can really fabricate sub-themes for Orenda. The theme likewise accompanies Social Feed custom module, which will enable you to utilize social nourishes.

You can show 7 informal organizations in your blog straightforwardly. Different elements of the theme incorporate FlexSlider, social catches, outskirt span control, sticky sidebar, post labels, post sorts, picture/interface colorbox, Google Analytics, Disqus remarks and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Orenda permits sub themes to be made, in spite of the fact that the bundle as of now have a few designs included with it.



You can utilize it to construct an awesome photography grandstand on the web. The exquisite and current design of the theme wipes out all diverting components in locate giving more concentrate on the most imperative piece of your site, which is your substance. Melvin was made as a photograph stream theme. Different components of this theme incorporate limitless customization choices and Instagram bolster.

With the custom alternatives, you have more than 70 decisions to do nearly everything. The Instagram sustain will enable you to grandstand your bolster straightforwardly on your blog page. The theme additionally has a change sidebar slide out catch for altering the sidebar slide out catch position to any corner. The theme highlights endless or unending looking to furnish your guests with ceaseless substance. The substance width can be balanced into 5 varieties so how huge your substance will show up is in your grasp. Outlined and worked as a photograph stream, utilize Melvin to make a shocking photography feature.

With its contemporary and rich format, each diverting components are stripped out leaving just the critical things in locate – your substance. You can pick up to five minor departure from the post width, the span of your substance is alone hand.



Alumnia is an exceptionally rich outline that is combined with a solid custom board. The outcome is a shocking tile based outline that gives incredible effortlessness that is refined by a slope picture overlay, flexible design, numerous photograph float styles and Twitter channel. The theme accompanies unending scrolling, which creates new substance naturally as the client achieves the finish of your blog.

The theme additionally accompanies more than 70 custom choices, which are for the most part intentional and hearty. The customizable segments that accompany the theme enable changing from two to 4 sections with only several ticks. In the event that you have fundamental data to feature, you may do it through the sticky sidebar, regardless of if it’s a portrayal content or social sustain. The flexible outline of the theme will enable you to change sidebar positions to the two sides of the lattice.

You may even mix it with the lattice. Alumia can be changed to a two, three, or four segment Tumblr theme in less than two ticks. With the inconceivably rich plan joined with a strong redo board, the outcome is the perfectly tile based theme. Alumia offers a lot of straightforwardness, in the meantime cleaned with slope photograph overlay, Twitter channel, different photograph float styles, and an amazingly adaptable design.



Chale is a part design worked with panache and artfulness, the ideal half and half between individual site and blog. You can very easily click on posts for a snappy view and simple perusing. This is a part format plan that is made with artfulness and panache. The crossover configuration gives an extraordinary answer for online journals and individual sites.

Notwithstanding the previously mentioned benefits, you can likewise include Instagra and Twitter nourishes, appreciate all post sorts bolster, responsive plan, more than 15 online networking symbols, current usefulness and activities and then some. It has vast scrolling component for boundless survey of your substance. For simple perusing and fast view, you may basically tap on the posts.

You can share, as and reblog posts specifically from your landing page. Likewise, Chale additionally has current program similarity, iPhone, Mac and iBar similarity and some more. Visit the demo page by tapping on the item connect above. You can also transfer your own particular logo and background pictures without any hassle. Another very cool thing about this theme is that you can get social, include your Twitter and Instagram encourages to the sidebar.



Carter is light in weight and neatly constructed. With this element, your guests, will have the capacity to look over your site easily and unbounded. It is likewise joined with savvy sidebar and completely filterable posts that compose your substance through labels.

Carter is a Tumblr theme worked with high alter capacity and hearty coding, furnished with a brilliant sticky sidebar (adheres distinctive areas as per the tallness of your sidebar) and a messiness free design. Welcome your guests with a perfect and choice perusing background. This Tumblr theme is exceptionally adjustable and accompanies vigorous coding and keen sticky sidebar, which sticks areas that take after the stature of the sidebar. Carter has a messiness free outline.

With this theme, you can welcome clients with an awesome and clean perusing knowledge. The post channels that are incorporated with Carter are inserted in the custom board so you can arrange your posts through labels. To give your site more interest to guests, the Particle Background Effect was added to the theme elements. With this impact, you will have an energized molecule foundation for a particular and cool impact. This element is discretionary. It includes a discretionary energized molecule foundation, including a cool and particular impact.



Persona is an awesome Tumblr theme for business or individual web journals. With this theme, you can feature your own in a practical and wonderful way. The format of the theme has been improved with a new module. It debilitated photographs out of viewport in this way lessening memory prerequisite. Pictures can be seen in Lightbox mode when a photograph is clicked.

What’s more, persona additionally accompanies more than 30 one of a kind text style alternatives, 5 header pictures transfer, change body textual style, connect, depiction hues/textual styles and title customization, portrayal/title text dimension customization, appear/conceal components, web-based social networking symbols, versatile benevolent outline, current program similarity, Pinterest, Facebook, email, Twitter and that’s just the beginning.

The theme is anything but difficult to alter and accompanies limited elements and alternatives that needn’t bother with a considerable measure of customization. Persona is worked for your exhibition, and work that spotlights on pictures. There are numerous modules that enable you to share your posts. These incorporate Pinterest, Embedded connections, Facebook, Email, Tweet and some more. Many choices that make it simple to modify your now blog, including textual styles, dispersing, shading, picture position, and some more.



Revolve is outline for minimalists yet made for innovators. It gives a wide assortment of sidebar and header plan that can be modified in a tick. The theme highlights a spotless and present day offer that is ideal for the cutting edge moderate. How your design will show up is absolutely your own particular choice.

This theme had been made for the innovator, intended for the moderate. Revolve offers the header and sidebar format that can be changed at a switch. Its wide exhibit of tweak choices offers a staggering spread photograph, movable post width and edge, more than 20 Google text styles, and 3 isolate photograph float styles. The theme accompanies a colossal assortment of tweaked alternatives that incorporate flexible post edge and width, more than 200 Google Fonts, 3 novel photograph float styles and a lovely cover photograph.

You can change from a header to sidebar format with only a tick of the mouse. The delightful cover photograph that accompanies Revolve furnishes your site with a special identity. The theme post lattice thusly will alter the measure of sections consequently relying upon the span of the screen. The decision of design is on your hand, switch between a sidebar/header format with a single tick.



Void is a gorgeous theme which comes a feature of showcasing your portfolio feature with infinite scrolling over making this responsive theme flexible for each reason. This subject additionally has lightbox bolster for better picture sneak peaks.

A multi-segment format with unbounded parchment makes this free subject reasonable for fast post refreshes. For better picture reviews this Tumblr topic accompanies a lightbox bolster. You can exhibit some outwardly dazzling photography, works of art, or a venture portfolio with this smooth online display theme custom fitted for Tumblr.

There are many choices that make it simple to redo your own particular blog, including text styles, dispersing, shading, picture arrangement, and some more. Each portable format has been redone to be good with Void, so you can see your blog anyplace on your cell phone. You can post video, content, sound, connection, photograph or photoset. Whatever your motivation is, Void is the best theme for you!



Juggernaut is another beautiful Tumblr theme with a grid style where you will see images which are long as well as short. You will see images of every sort in this theme. Juggernaut is a wonderful and moderate matrix configuration subject for Tumblr clients. It is exceptionally adaptable and contains an alluring design. Juggernaut is a delightful and moderate grid configuration theme for Tumblr clients.

It is exceptionally adaptable and contains an alluring format. Juggernaut is a spotless, smooth and free subject with a little sidebar on the left or right side. This theme has a beautiful design with large and small photos mixed together which look very eye-catching.

This theme can be downloaded for free without any hassle. It comes with six custom colors which provide you with a lot of choice. This theme has three different blog title fonts and sidebar image which looks amazing.



This theme has an amazing design which is perfectly fit for photography sites. Another amazing thing about this theme is that your content becomes the overwhelming focus. Post permalinks are pushed away until the post is drifted over.

Retrospective is fueled with a subtle, pixel-idealize adjusted lattice in addition to a decision of either vast parchment or pagination. Retrospective?s design is a characteristic fit for photograph online journals. Post permalinks and sharing elements are pushed away until the point that the post is drifted over, your substance becomes the dominant focal point.

You can conceal photograph subtitles from the file page, round pictures, and considerably channel photographs so they’re grayscale with no product (extraordinary for high contrast online journals). Customization can be found all through Retrospective for hues, masthead highlights, and additionally an exceptional sidebar mode. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download this theme right away.



Pation is a stunning theme which has infinite scrolling and a highly randomized post grid. This theme is fully responsive with a lot of fonts to choose from. This theme comes with 3 major hover styles and contains all the major social media sharing icons.

This theme is streamlined to work superbly on any gadgets, test this out on your versatile or tablet! You can utilize a logo or foundation picture to include an additional layer of individual marking on your blog. Pation accompanies a sticky route and an insignificant framework format. At the point when the alternative “Randomize Post Size” is turned on, another design will be produced with each reload.

Moreover, it likewise accompanies 45+ text style alternatives, 10 social connections, 3 drift styles, alongside the capacity to redo post estimate/canal and popout ask/submit box. Pation offers a high adaptability with no bloated alternatives as it has been made with powerful coding.


Level Ajax Powered Masonry Theme

Level is a Tumblr theme with a substantial “client encounter approach”, the straightforward and straight forward outline enables your group of onlookers to peruse your blog in an immediate issue. This Tumblr theme accompanies a thick client encounter approach. Level has been intended to make your site simple to explore. It accompanies Particle foundations, which is a discretionary impact that shows cool vivified particles as foundation. Its clear outline will enable clients to peruse specifically on your blog. Level likewise utilizes Ajax popup for perusing content without the need to reload.

The theme has a completely responsive design, which will influence your site to look magnificent on mobiles and tablets. With the utilization of Ajax stacking (popup) clients are permitted to peruse content while never expecting to reload. It is likewise worked with a responsive outline, which implies it will look great even on your tablet and cell phones. The theme likewise accompanies 5 format choices, which will enable you to choose from 5 interesting layout designs with a similar arrangement of codes. Level has a discretionary interminable looking over element that will naturally stack posts unendingly. You can reload a solitary post page nearby without reloading the page.


Pation Grid Theme

Pation is a Grid theme for Tumblr that is fused with a negligible matrix outline and sticky route. Pation accompanies a sticky route and an insignificant network format. At the point when the choice “Randomize Post Size” is turned on, another format will be produced with each reload. When you turn on the Randomize Post Size alternative, the theme creates another design for each reload.

Beside this one of a kind component, the theme likewise has 10 social connections, more than 45 text style choices and 3 drift styles. Likewise, Pation will likewise enable you to modify the post canal and size, and also popout the ask and submit box.

The Randomized Post Grid highlight of this theme can be turned on and off. With its boundless looking over component, posts are stacked consequently when the peruser achieves the base of the page. A lovely stacking impact has additionally been added to the element.



Minimalism is an insignificant Tumblr theme that offers a lot of customization alternatives enabling your substance to sparkle. Minimalism’s a great theme for brands, people and creatives who wish to share their symbolism content in a moderate and expert approach. This is a clean Tumblr portfolio theme made particularly for picture takers, visual architects, or any visual originators. Exceptionally lightweight and insignificant yet effective and highlight stuffed!

This theme is prepared to be interpreted in your own particular most loved dialect because of limitation choices. You can expect highlights like substance lattice administration, custom foundation shading and picture, custom header, a portable prepared format, web-based social networking symbols (well known ones), endless looking to empower more liquid substance program involvement, a sticky sidebar route menu.



Yuki is a responsive stone work style Tumblr theme with a spotless, moderate look. Yuki is a matrix based Tumblr topic for photography fans. This is an exceptionally flexible portfolio topic for Tumblr, pointed for the most part at creatives: planner, artists, picture takers, and any sort of visual craftsmen.

Yuki skirts on the insignificant side of things, as the landing page of the subject is only a rundown of photo thumbnails that different clients can tap on, and take in more about. You may likewise discover use for Yuki in circumstances where you simply need to share a progression of presents related on visual substance.



Simplify makes it exceptionally easy to make distinctive sorts of web journals. It accompanies a few route alternatives for the guests. The theme accompanies an extraordinary night mode. Whenever empowered, this mode will diminish the splendor and pick lighter hues, bringing about less strain on the eyes. The smooth present day feel of Simplify is the thing that makes it so speaking to expounding on news, and other general data that needs an appropriate plan all together for the data to be expended.

A cool route menu catch on the correct corner of each page takes away the need to show excessively numerous HTML components, and rather empowers a like portable route encounter that leaves all the attention on content. Backings Disqus, and Google Analytics. Above all else, you can empower sticky route with the goal that guests can simply have moment access to the menu. There will be another route menu at the base. Guests can peruse the past or next posts or pages by utilizing their console.


Effector Theme

Effector is a shocking yet held workhorse that can deal with anything. It’s enormously adaptable, with different design sizes, adjustable sidebar/top bar alternatives, and variable textual styles. Effector additionally includes another Dark rendition, and three fundamental shading plans, enabling you to effectively tailor it to any palette.

Effector Theme gloats more than 40+ remarkable highlights, a number that many subjects endeavor to accomplish, however such accomplishments require devotion, tolerance and furthermore the ability to inquire about what bloggers are really searching for, and Effector Theme puts every one of those highlights and highlight asks for in a solitary theme flawlessly, we couldn’t be more content with the final product. A portion of the best highlights for Effector Theme are: assortment of formats, full customization, Twitter channel, unbounded looking over, social symbols, and bounty more. Try not to stay here pausing, get over this topic and see what it does to your Tumblr blog!



Introduce this exquisite Tumblr theme that accompanies a three segment format and a responsive outline. Gather, demonstrate supplies of photographs with this free tumblr theme composed as of late for you. It can be utilized as a portfolio, photograph exhibition or even a photograph focused blog. Wallstocker is a tumblr theme for a basic and clean portfolio. Supporting essential ease of use, for example, portable tablet correspondence with responsive website composition. Look at all of its highlights and check whether it’s a correct fit for your necessities.

The developers have upgraded the stretched out capacities to address different issues, for example, changing the blog title to logo picture and choosing menu list outline. Offer you substance to your fans with the negligible plan this theme highlights. The theme is liquid responsive and will adjust well on your portable, tablet gadgets.



Legacy is a free and clean tumblr theme worked with a moderate style, it’s slide-down topbar offers an one of a kind touch. The spotless, streamlined outline gently conveys your substance. With the interestingly worked slide-down header, include pressed redo board, and educational yet non-enlarged drift impacts, creates a definitive moderate Tumblr theme. It has a strikingly format configuration paralleled with an unending looking over fueled lattice design. It’s worked with 3 photograph drift styles and more than 20 adjustable textual styles, change through 2-4 segments.’

Moreover, this theme provides 3 diverse photograph drift styles with a driven plan while each having its own novel usefulness. You can also feature a post by multiplying it’s width, it should be possible by just labeling the post.



Ascent is a yet another incredible theme which is the minimal grid theme for creatives of numerous types. It offers finish flexibility to modify post sizes and drain space, paralleled with four novel post stacking impacts. The theme will also auto-modify the quantity of sections to fill your guests screen. You can also very easily enhance your identity or individual marking by transferring a foundation or logo. This theme is developed with a moderate interest by evacuating all the superfluous mess.

To keep the design as spotless as would be prudent, everything other than the substance are tucked into the interesting slide-out sidebar; the slide-out sidebar can be unreservedly acclimated to any of the four corners. It also has a blasting quick lightbox photograph popup which enables your guests to program through without interference. Alongside the unending scrolling, the post stacking impacts are ensured to amaze your guests.