CAPTCHA Types and CAPTCHA Solving Services


CAPTCHA stands for the Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell computers and people apart. CAPTCHAs give problems that are hard for computers to solve but not too hard for people.

For example, finding letters or numbers that have been stretched or clicking in a specific spot. You can use CAPTCHAs to say the difference between real users & automated users, like bots.

Different Types of CAPTCHAs

1. Fundamental Math

It is one of the best types of CAPTCHA and is available on sites, forms, and certain other places. A math problem appears in a captcha structure, expecting you to understand it and enter the correct answer. Obvious requests, such as “1+2” or “8-3,” can be challenging for robots to understand.

2. Word Issue

This type of standard Captcha has different layouts, but they all have two clear parts: a text box and a sequence of numbers and letters. Follow the test’s directions carefully to show what kind of person you are.

The test may request you to retype a confusing sequence of letters, choose the last word from a list of words, or give an answer that hides the order in which words appear.

3. Social Media Sign-In

When you search for a site, you can use your social record instead of entering your personal information. Instead of telling customers, they must make their logins and passwords, and a website owner could let them use a Gmail or Facebook account with a few simple clicks.

This way, bots won’t be able to sign up because they don’t have social media accounts. This kind of Captcha saves customers time and makes the site safer.

4. Time-based

Another valuable type of Captcha keeps track of how long customers take to finish a structure.

Most of the time, bots balance structures immediately, while people must work a little bit to enter basic information. But few customers get confused when they sit around doing nothing but balancing different formats every time they comment or play a game.

5. Honeypot

Honeypot makes a page with a lot of covered fields to trick bots. Bots change to balance all fields they find, even ones that are not visible. If you bring up bots around it, the site can tell right away that it’s not a real human customer.

This unbelievable catch is the most amazing thing: customers don’t have to deal with annoying captcha games or give unnecessary information.

6. Picture conspicuous confirmation

Picture confirmation captcha has different kinds of picture tests, such as naming, seeing pictures in a group of images, and spotting the odd photo in a set. This Captcha takes advantage of the fact that bots can’t see well to handle picture problems.

With this kind of Captcha, customers don’t have to read any text; instead, they have to look at pictures of things or ideas.

7. No captcha reCAPTCHA

Google has been pushing this type of Captcha since 2014, but it keeps getting increasingly popular on the web. Customers see a checkbox that says, “I am not a robot,” All they have to do is click it.

This method keeps track of how events and numbers change. Systematic bots will check the inside of the case immediately, while people will generally click on different parts of the case. Customers can do this task without much effort, but bots struggle with it.

8. Invisible reCAPTCHA

The new version of No captcha reCAPTCHA is called Invisible reCAPTCHA. Like its name says, this Captcha is entirely invisible to customers.

Instead of recognizing bots with these systems, invisible reCAPTCHA checks how customers interact with the site, how they click on the recent catch, how they move the mouse, and other habits that Google has picked out and separated.

So, customers can have better experiences than in the past. Also, customers don’t have to stamp the case, type in the content, arrange the pictures, or balance the structure.

9. Confident reCAPTCHA

Captcha is a process based on pictures. It gives a bunch of pictures of their frames. For instance, customers must “click on every picture with a car in it.”

Unlike other types of CAPTCHA, this one can be changed and used for advertising, which can bring in money. Confident Recaptcha has a 96% success rate, but customers who don’t do the job right should try again with a different picture, making them feel down.

10. Sweet CAPTCHA

This Captcha is very similar to the one before it. Customers come closer to moving or matching things, making it hard for bots to do their jobs.

Sweet Captcha is an excellent way to choose characters, but it might not be enjoyable to customers because they might have to guess to finish the test.

11. Biometrics

As more intelligent devices are getting ready to use fingerprint sensors, we can use them to prove our unique identity. Even though biometrics isn’t yet a simple captcha, it has laid the groundwork for getting complete security from Captcha.

In the future, sites will use this type of Captcha, and you’ll need to use your fingerprints instead of typing in your name and password.

What are Captcha Solving Services?

Captcha-solving services, called Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), are software systems that can automatically or manually solve captchas.

You need reCAPTCHA and surefire Captcha to solve all the captchas you need for web scraping quickly.

Services that solve captchas use two different ways to do so:

1. OCR Solutions:

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology solves the captchas automatically.

2. Human-based solutions: 

Here, people who are always online work as “captcha solvers.” They figure out the texts and send you the answers. To use services or APIs that solve captchas, you have to sign up for them, add their API to your app, and send your captchas to get the answer in the text.

2Captcha – Best Captcha Solving Service

With 2Captcha, you can get a CAPTCHA recognition service powered by a human. Its main goal is to quickly and correctly solve CAPTCHAs. You will get its API, which will allow you to automate the process of solving CAPTCHAs and add it to your software to get more out of the 2Captcha service.

Your CAPTCHAs will work well with 2Captcha, and the prices are low. You must sign up, add 2Captcha’s API to your application, send your CAPTCHAs, and get a text answer immediately. It is easy and quick to use.

You will find that 2Captcha is the best reCAPTCHA service, provider. Pay for the CAPTCHAs when solved, and don’t worry about how busy the server is.

You will also get an anti-CAPTCHA tool to help you solve reCAPTCHA v2. The CAPTCHA solver also lets you get around the CAPTCHA check.