23 Examples Of Best Designed 404 Error Pages For Your Inspiration

Have you ever come across a 404 error webpage on a website but you don’t exactly know what that is? 404 pages are basically there to tell the visitors that the page they are looking for is not there anymore and it can not be found on the server so, it redirects you to some other part of the website. When someone lands on your corrupt page which is not available anymore to them, it is a very annoying moment where people get frustrated and it can affect your website. So, to solve this issue a 404 error page is extremely important.

A good 404 error page is extremely important as other pages in your website. It should be able to redirect the users to the home-page or some other page without just stopping there.

If you don’t have any ideas about the 404 error page templates then I am sure after reading this article till the end you will definitely be able to create an awesome 404 error page. I have listed down 23 of the best examples of 404 error page designs for your inspiration. And, for resume templates click here.


This is an interesting 404 error page where you can see the picture of a baby crying while resting his head on the CPU. It has different details of text below the image which says the page has not been found.


CSS Tricks

This is a very creative 404 error page which has been beautifully designed so that you can see the error in a programming language which says the page does not exist. It has a very simple white background and a coded part error page in the middle.


Flat Error Page

This is a flat responsive error page template where you can see a simple and a clear page with some text and an emoticon image which makes the page look cute. This template is designed using HTML5 and CSS3. You can view the demo before downloading this template if you want to.


Free HTML 404 Error Template

This is an amazing free HTML 404 error page template which you can download for free and also preview it before downloading it. You can see a lot of different stuff in this creative page like road, traffic light, airplane, sun ,trees etc. It also has a search bar and when you write something in it, the traffic light will be yellow and it will turn green after you have filled something valid.


Fuel 404 Web And Mobile Template

This is another 404 error page template which you can download for free and use it for any kind of website. It has a cool purple background with white text on it. It also has a very creative 404 written where you can see a droplet instead of “O’ and No Fuel is written inside it.



This is a very creative 404 error page where you can see Gordy chewing the wires and that is the main cause the page is not working. You can also see a “Go Back Home” button which will not be as annoying as the text error pages.



Another great example of an 404 error page where you can see creative 404 message displayed in space with a tiny rocket at the bottom with the text ” Go To Homepage”. You can also see a galactic whirl instead of a 0 which is pretty cool.



This is a perfect 404 page where you can see an animation holding ice-cream all happily and then the ice cream drops. What a creative concept! It displays a 404 error message but together with that it also displays some useful links of other pages where you can go land on them just by clicking the link.



Who wants to see a boring screen which displays a simple 404 error message when you can create something cool and relate it with the situation. This webpage with the island theme looks really great. You can also go to the homepage by clicking the “Return To Mainland” button.


You’re Lost

This page has a clean design but with tons of information regarding which page you want to land on. It also gives you some options to contact the team and write a message or suggestions for the team if you have any.



This is a very simple yet striking 404 error page where you can see the 404 error message displayed on the camera screen. It also gives you the option to go back to the homepage. The color selection in this page is attractive.


Hot Dot Productions

Now this is a very cool and creative 404 error page. It has an animation of great number of tiny red dots and they move wherever you move your mouse. You can also see some of the page links below and an email address.


Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment team have created a creative 404 error page which is the shattered version of their homepage. It displays a message “Gratz. You broke it” in a humoristic way. You can also see some more links below the page.



This is a very cute 404 error webpage which has a cute puppy in the middle of 404 where it is sticking its head out from the 0 part. It also displays text that says “Oops, no fox found”.


Hugo Franca

This is an another relatable picture where you can see an empty plate of food with a message “Sorry, we no longer have that”. Below that you can also see a go home button and some social media icons.



Bitly has an animated 404 error page where a puffy fish is floating with its belly upwards. It also displays some message on the blue water part.



This page has a broken pencil which relates to a broken link. It also displays message of a broken link and you can also go back to the homepage. It also includes some more links to different pages and some social media icons.


Sad Cartoon

Nobody will get annoyed looking at this sad little creature on their screens. It has a 404 flag in its hand and displays a message that your page has not been found. There is also a button that says “Go back friend, go back” which is kind of cute.


Mark Dijkstra

This is a very simple yet very creative 404 error page of Mark Dijkstra. You can see a note like it’s a real image of a torn paper with hand-written message with sticky tapes on its four sides. It displays an error message in a funny way. Below that there are three more options for you home, twitter and contact buttons.


Look It’s Me

This is an animated 404 error webpage where you can see a fat frog wearing a shirt with 404 written on its front. It seems to be falling down and down . This is also a relatable situation with the webpage.



A colorful and eye-catching 404 error webpage where you can see a big donut kept in between the 404 instead of “0”. It also displays a message which says “Do worry, have a donut and go back”. This will definitely grab the attention because of its striking blue color.


Hash Rocket

This is an error webpage where you can see a person floating in the space. It has a very dark background and a subtle picture of a moon. You can see “Not found” written on the top in capital letters and it also displays a message at the bottom of page which is very cool. You can also click anywhere to go back to the homepage.



This 404 error page has striking black and yellow colors where you can see a yellow bottle with “Good Source” written on it. It displays a message which says “Good source has dried out, you can refill it by looking what you are looking for by visiting” and there’s a go to homepage link below it. This is a very creative error webpage.



This is a very simple 404 error webpage you can see message like they page you’re looking for can not be found. You can check other pages. It has Go Back and Contact Us buttons below that message. You can also see different pages, social media icons, logo and email id creatively kept at different angles.


Good Old Games

This is a cute 404 error webpage where you can see a cute sad teddy bear displaying a message that the page doesn’t exist, you can report it or try rechecking the address.


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