The Best Video Editing Software for 2022

Using the greatest video editing tools, you may clean raw footage. The downside is the cost, which depends on your level of skill and how you’ll utilise the programme.

Professionals invest in expensive, complex software (either Premiere Pro or Final Cut). For novices who wish to edit holiday film or produce social media clips, a cheaper, simpler tool is recommended.

This post lists the finest paid video editing software (if you have no budget, head to our best free video editing software guide). Whatever your experience, you’ll find it here. Some tools operate on Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android. If you just want to edit on your phone or tablet, check out our list of the finest applications.


InVideo is cloud-hosted, making it unique. Never download software or lose progress. The browser-based editor works nicely with transitions, stickers, frames, and other features. Beginners can utilise any of the 4000+ templates, while skilled users can create from scratch. 8Mn+ iStock images help spice up your projects.



Avid Media Composer is free, but its UX isn’t lacking. Modern interfaces segregate editing, colouring, audio, and effects into separate workspaces. Rearrange panels and widgets to fit your creative flow. Avid’s multi-cam editing functionality syncs up to 64 angles automatically for fast editing and alignment. You’re not editing an Emmy-worthy comedy, so why not use the tools at hand? If built-in VFX and filters aren’t enough, download extra plugins to explore with composite imaging, motion effects, and more.



The VSDC free video editor is a full video editing suite with several extras to enhance your videos. There also are tools to help you make edits and improve audio. You can also record voice overs with available screen captures. The Chroma key tool eliminates green backgrounds, plus there are a host of extras like filters and other effects to make your video pop. Other tools include color correction and 360 video editing with extra tools for zoom and charts. Because it is a non-linear program, there are additional editing features, like picture-in-picture and split-screen effects. VSDC offers fantastic accessibility, too, with minimum system requirements that suit even older PCs. Between the Chroma Key, enhanced resolution, and hardware acceleration, VSDC makes it simple to quickly and efficiently create high-quality videos — even if you are on a budget.



This is the default video editing programme for Macs because it’s pre-installed. Though there are only two video tracks, it’s straightforward and quick to get started. Use the app’s filters, transitions, and titles to rapidly create a professional-looking video. Basic editing options include cutting, cropping, colour correction, background noise reduction, and shaky-footage stabilisation. Import tracks from iTunes or use royalty-free audio and SFX.



Shotcut is an open-source, cross-platform video editor. It has the rare problem, but it’s a highly solid piece of software that makes practically every “Best Video Editing Software” list. Shotcut can combine hundreds of video and audio formats. Drag-and-drop file handling makes it easy to compile your social video.



Lightworks is a full-featured editor, and it supports all of the major professional broadcast formats, including SD, HD, 2K, and Red 4K files. It has all of the power, performance, and features that you would expect from an editor of this calibre. We are of the opinion that in order to produce high-quality work, you need high-quality equipment. And the editing process is no different. Our goal is to provide everyone with access to the most reasonably priced professional non-linear video editor that is currently on the market. Providing the same editing tools that have been used by professionals across the world every day for the past 20 years to edit feature films, dramas, news, and sports. Lightworks provides you with everything you want to ensure that your upcoming movie will look fantastic.


Davinci Resolve

Want some “Emmy award-winning image technology?” Who doesn’t?! Then DaVinci Resolve is probably the free video editing software for you. DaVinci is particularly useful for remote collaborations, thanks to its cloud-based workflow systems. Fans applaud DaVinci’s UX design, too: divided into ‘Pages,’ users can tackle each individual part of the editing process in a focused way. Start on the ‘Cut’ page to do your trimming, and make your way over to the ‘Color’ tab to tweak the hues and shadows. Over on the ‘Media and Delivery’ page, there’s a wide range of formats supported, so you can even output right to Twitter.



Stay on top of your video projects using Typito’s online video creator. Make interesting promotional movies to share on YouTube or other online platforms. Make movies to spread your message, increase brand awareness, and highlight your products and services. Typito makes it simple to create films from your photographs and videos. Simply resizing your video with a single click will make it perfect for sharing on social media. Reach out to more people and boost your sales with the help of text. Automatically creating subtitles for videos is a breeze using Typito. Effortlessly add elegant text graphic templates to your films with a click of a mouse. Make films with the help of premade text templates; just insert your company’s logo and name, and change the font and colour scheme to make it look more like your brand.



To make a fantastic movie with Soapbox, all you need is our Chrome extension, a webcam, and something to say! After pressing the record button, you may go back and modify the video to show either your camera, your screen, or a split-screen view. Facilitate the process of making videos from start to finish. Your entire team will be able to master video creation with just one extension (plus a Soapbox Station, if you’re feeling fancy), covering everything from filming to distributing the finished output.





Do you want to edit videos to stay up with the expanding video trend? Relax! Any of the aforementioned applications is good for beginners. Consider your money, ability level, and time to acquire a new skill. Don’t waste time pondering about the finest video editing software for YouTube or your team’s video marketing plan. Invest in a video editing product.