20 Websites To Download Free MP3 Music

Music is loved by everyone. It is a way of relaxation for a lot of people. People love listening to music whether they are happy, sad, hurt or in whatever mood as there are all types of music available. The problem sometimes is that it is difficult to find mp3 music. You can always watch music videos on YouTube but there are numerous sites for downloading music which you’re not aware of and you end up having some kind of problem. There are websites that ask you to pay for music or you can’t download it without registration. This is annoying sometimes like why should you pay for music when you can always download it for free and also legally!

If you are a music lover and want to download free music then you are at the right place. Without letting you waste any more time searching for free websites on internet to download music, I have listed 20 best free MP3 music websites with description so that you don’t have to search everywhere and you will be able to find all the best websites in this post. Goodluck!


MP3.com is an amazing website which allows you to download free music where it features over 1 million tracks, photos, artist profiles, videos, and new music everyday. You can find out all the trending news on the homepage. MP3.com is an efficient music sharing website and it works like a considerable lot of the more current download locales. MP3.com has a simple pursuit capacity and you can consistently peruse music by class or day and age.

Specialists can transfer their music and offer it to fans who can download to their heart’s substance. It’s a superb approach to find new music straightforwardly from the capable specialists who made it. Regardless of whether you’re into society or no-nonsense, electronic or nation, there’s a considerable measure to look over.


Mp3 Viper

This is yet another great website which has a huge collection of all types of songs whether they may be new or old. You can find out any song by searching it in the search bar or looking for it in the categories. You will be able to see all the popular and new songs on the homepage. This is yet another classy website for downloading and listening songs which also has a super beautiful interface.

This website is anything but difficult. You will be able to see the new album of this week on the homepage followed by top songs, popular artists, recent searches and popular searches. This makes it a lot more easier for you to find out what?s trending and what has been newly released all over the world. You can also listen to a song before downloading it.


Pure Volume

Pure Volume is a website where you can download music for free and without any hassle. All you have to do is to look up for a song and play it if you want to listen to it before downloading and you’re good to download it. The landing page of Pure Volume is loaded with featured craftsmen for you to investigate and it turns consistently, making it another involvement with each visit.

It is super easy to look-up for a song and also find out which music is trending through different categories available on the menu bar in homepage like Featured, Top Songs, Top Downloads, Artists and lot more. Not exclusively would you be able to discover music downloads, the webpage likewise offers the most recent on free celebrations and occasions. You can search for music to download by looking at included craftsmen, top tunes, top downloads, and past highlights.


Noise Trade

Noise Trade is a great website to download free music legally. Noise Trade is a smooth music-sharing site where specialists can make gadgets to share music, both inside the site and on their own online networking accounts. You can find your favorite songs on the homepage itself where you will see a grid of new songs and some more lists from different categories like Top Downloads, Downloading Now etc. You can search for a song through categories or you can search it in the search bar.

The website enables you to peruse through best downloads or look at the latest offers. There’s additionally an extremely valuable bulletin that sends new proposals to your inbox week after week. You can download tunes for no charge and tip on the off chance that you like what you hear. The hip-jump segment is immense and the society and non mainstream scenes are rapidly getting steam, however there are extraordinary finds in each classification.


Sound Click

Sound Click is another website where you can download free music instantly and you can also look-up music directly from the websites of artists. You can download their music for free legally. You get to see a lot of options on the homepage to find your favorite tracks. You can browse through the categories or you can look up different charts all present on the homepage.

It also gives you the option to listen to a song before downloading it. SoundClick keeps on being the main free music group highlighting marked and unsigned groups in addition to best in class online networking instruments. SoundClick likewise offers clients the capacity to advance their most loved music with viral gadgets. The incorporated media player is really a standout amongst other installed players I am aware of. The spilling quality is shockingly perfectly clear, and you can likewise make your own particular gadgets for any page.



Jamendo is a very popular website which provided you with latest music that you can listen anytime and download. It has a gathering of more than 400,000 tunes and you can stream for nothing, as well. This website has more than 3 million songs which are completely legal. You can easily hear trending or latest music on this website. It also provides music for your videos if you are planning to make one.

Jamendo has amazing playlists which makes it easy for you to search the type of song you want. In case you’re searching for creation music, Jamendo offers an eminence free administration for that too. This site holds in the whole data of vocalist, collections and in addition news identified with the music. It additionally passes on data about the dialects like Japanese, Chinese and so on.


MP3 Juices

MP3 Juices is a very popular mp3 website where you can search a song and you will get lots of results in the drop down menu below. You can download or play the music online. You can download your favorite music instantly without having to register which is an amazing part. The download speeds on the Mp3 Juice music downloader are exceptionally quick.

When you look for a melody, you are given outcomes inside seconds and afterward you can continue to download at a quick speed. You can listen to music before downloading them, in order to make sure it is the correct melody you need to download. The site is anything but difficult to use as there are no shrouded menus, as each alternative is unmistakably obvious and justifiable.


Mp3 Skull

Mp3 skull allows you to download music free of cost and really quick. There is no registration required and you can find almost any song you could ever think of. This website has a huge database which has songs from different languages. You can search a song very easily, just enter a word and you will see all the relevant results.

This music webpage gives bunches of advantages where you can pick up from likewise it has a super downloading speed and is anything but difficult to download in any gadgets, all together MP3 skull site is extraordinary compared to other music sites which you can go for downloading and tuning in to the music. MP3 skull site is a stunning webpage to download the music, as here you would ready to look tremendous quantities of tunes inside high caliber.



eMP3 is the best and the fastest website to download music. You can download any kind of music in any language in just some minutes. It has a huge database where you can find different songs from different countries. eMp3 is a remarkable site to download tunes with the expectation of complimentary where guests alter the webpage substance.

You will be able to view trending music, most downloaded music, top songs and playlists on the homepage which makes it easy for you to find the song and listen to it first. This site holds most up to date and the best music hits. Because of which the fans from all around the globe jump at the chance to visit this site. They supplant every single broken connection with new ones. With this system they ensures new tunes constantly.


MP3 Box

MP3box is a very large music directory on internet which allows you to download music for free and legally. You can find you desired song by writing its name or by artist name or album name or searching it in the playlist. It has 3 sections on homepage and they are Top Albums, Top Songs and Top Artists. MP3Box is an entry to play and download music on the web.

Guest can stream any single track or full collection, get point by point data about every craftsman, peruse tunes by notoriety or graphs, enroll a free record to have the capacity to make claim playlists and lot more fun stuff. The way it works is that you will stream the stations so you’ll need an Internet association. When you go over stations you truly appreciate you can add them to your rundown of top choices so you won’t need to look for those stations each time.



BeeMP3 is a popular website for providing free music without any registration. It is one of world?s best search engines for providing legal music. You can see latest added and last searches on the homepage which makes it super easy for you to download you favorite music and also know what people are listening to. Beemp3 is another stunning site where you can download a wide range of tunes for nothing. You can discover here a wide range of collections, melodies and craftsman.

You will be able to discover all sorts of new as well as old songs from the popular artists and can listen and download them without paying a single penny. On this site you will discover 200s of most recent pursuit like Nada surf mainstream, Million voices Otto knows, Love Mary bilge, English melodies, and numerous more.


MP3 Raid

MP3Raid is a very popular and top search engines to find free legal music on internet It has a database of millions of songs which allows you to listen to a song before downloading it. You can see a list of popular songs when you open this website. You can search a song and it will provide you with all the relevant results. Using the website MP3 Raid for downloading songs is extremely simple.

You can download your most adoring mp3 in a split second by simply knowing the motion picture name, artist name or by melody starting verses. The primary thing which you require is to choose a decent MP3 assault site in which you would familiar be able to inside here and there utilization of it.



Seekasong.com is a lyrics and mp3 search engine which is quite simple with a lot of categories for you to find your favorite music from. You can search by title or artist and you can also view top downloads and latest added songs on the homepage. There are also charts, archives and more categories on its homepage. Seekasong.com is a great site to download MP3, collections and music for nothing. The site likewise takes in new collections, MP3 Archive and some more.

This site holds around 135800 mp3s and 900.000+ verses which is quite a huge number and you are definitely going to find anything you are looking for in just one site. This site encases graphs which hold 20 new melodies identified with various nations like Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium and a lot more countries.


MP3 Fusion

MP3fusion is a very old website for downloading free music which is growing day by day. When you open this website you will a menu bar with a lot of genres that you can choose from. You can also see the most popular songs as a grid on the homepage. It makes it easy for you to download the mp3 instantly. You can also search for the song you?re looking for without any hassle.

This is one classy website and it will provide you with whatever you are looking for in a few seconds. It has tons of genre categories at the top of the screen on homepage where you will be able to see the top releases or the trending songs in each category. This makes a lot easier for you to find out what is being loved in the world right now!



Last.fm has a wide range of music which you can download for free. You have a music section where you can see all the top tracks, new release and coming soon tracks. You can search for a song and download it without any registration. This site has a very cool and modern user interface where you can look up any track easily. Last.fm is another magnificent site to download all sorts of tunes for nothing.

It is a music disclosure benefit that gives you customized suggestions in light of the music you tune in to. Here you will discover distinctive accumulations of craftsman, collections and track. This site additionally gives pop, great shake, shake, instrumental and some more. Obviously, free segment isn’t that immense like YouTube one, yet at the same time you can locate some old tracks to review incredible minutes.


Loud Tronix

Loud Tronix is another website for downloading free music. You can search for a song you’re looking for by entering a keyword, artist name or playlist and you will get all the relevant results. You can play the song before downloading it. It also gives you an option to create your own playlist by making an account. LoudTronix is a free music download website, a YouTube video converter webpage with just and duplicate procedure to pick your YouTube video.

While some music download webpage restricted their locales to MP3 music download, LoudTronix has set aside opportunity to coordinate Facebook video downloader into its highlights and snappy MP3 grabber through Google Chrome expansion. LodTronix has over picked up notoriety because of it consistent MP3 music refresh to it database and picked up advancement to the one of the main 10 sites to download MP3 music on the web.



Now who is not aware of this website which is used by millions of people all over the world for listening music online? Well, I am sure everybody is. This website is used all over the world for listening to music online and you can play it even when you’re offline. Now through this website some of the tracks are free to download while some of them are not. What you can do is you can copy the link of the song and convert it into mp3 through SoundCloud to mp3 converter which you can find on Google easily.

Content at SoundCloud is once in a while transferred by proficient specialists, while others are shared by autonomous performers. Not all music on SoundCloud can be downloaded, and some expect you to Like a Facebook page to get the record. Notwithstanding, music that can be downloaded immediately and without a record have a Download catch alongside them.


MP3 Int

This website allows you to download mp3 music free without any registration. You can see a search bar at home where you can search for the song you’re looking for through a keyword, artist, album etc. It will provide you all the relevant results instantly and you can download what you’re looking for without any problem. Mp3 Int is a very simple website where you need to type for a song to download it.

It has an extremely simple and smooth user interface which can be literally used by anyone. So look for a song or type anything related to that specific song to download it right away. Moreover, the songs cannot be played but they are directly downloaded and added in your collection



We all are aware of the fact that YouTube is the largest and the most popular website for watching videos. Now you must be wondering how do we download mp3 music from YouTube. I have the solution to your problem. You can always search for a song you’re looking for and then copy its URL, now you can go and find YouTube to MP3 converter and paste your link there and VOILA.

You have an mp3 song downloading for you. Three hundred hours of video are transferred to YouTube consistently, and a lot of that video is music ? however it’s music in an arrangement that isn’t perfect for tuning in to on versatile gadgets like cell phones or iPods. That doesn’t mean you can’t download it or change the organization, in any case. The most generally utilized organization for music is MP3, which takes a shot at practically anything from cell phones to associated auto stereos.



Mp3.li is the largest music library which allows you to listen to any music online and download it for free. You can see Top 100 Artists and Top 100 Tracks next to the home button which makes it easy for you to download your favorite tracks. It also has a list of Top 50 Artists where you can download any type of song. You name a song and this website will provide you.

So search through hundreds of songs for free and download them without paying a single penny. You can also find the Top 100 tracks and the Top 100 Artists at the top of screen on homepage which will make it a lot easier to search for your favorite tracks or artists or check out what is trending in the world these days.