How Smartphone Can Help You to Write a Perfect Resume

Many people, when applying for a job, often encounter the difficulty of producing a perfect resume. This is because they do not know how best to produce top-notch documents. Some also do not know how to format them to make them look more appealing. Hence, the majority often choose to seek professional help from a cover letter writing service. This is because they want their resumes to stand out from other job applicants. Additionally, they want to increase their acceptance chances. So, as a person looking to get a job, there is no need for you to struggle with writing your resume when you can get help from experts.

Also, several job searches rely most on the internet nowadays. Thus, it is efficient to have an option that can allow you to apply for a job and work towards perfecting your resume when you are traveling or busy with other activities. If you are using an Android smartphone, there are various job apps as well as outstanding resume-apps which are undergoing creation. Thus, you can rely on essay writing help all the time to craft a perfect resume via phone. Furthermore, recruiters and hiring managers use mobile phones for almost everything including reading resumes. So, below are some of the ways your smartphone can help you draft a perfect resume.

Simplify it

Simplicity is the best trait to embrace when writing your resume. This is because it prevents your resume from looking terrible and not appealing to the audience. When you print your resume, you may be unable to spot the errors you made during the writing process. But, when you have it on your phone, it will highlight all the mistakes in your document, thereby allowing you to make the necessary changes.

So, consider embracing simplicity. Use fonts that are easy to read, do not take a lot of space, and display well on any device. Do not put additional features and ensure your presentation is simple.

Cover letter length

When looking to draft a top resume, ensure you use the appropriate cover letter length. Employers spend less than five minutes reading a particular resume. And, if your document is too lengthy, they may toss it away with ease and move on to the next one as this is the first piece they will read before getting to more information about you. So, ensure you write a cover letter with an appropriate length. The document should not be too long or too short. Also, ensure that it contains all the crucial information and that it flows well.

Use available apps for your phone

As aforementioned, there are various mobile apps you can use to draft a perfect resume. These include Resume Builder, Resume Star, Indeed, Resume App Pro, and Pocket Resume, among others. With the help of these apps, you can craft a top-notch resume. Furthermore, an eye-catching resume boosts your acceptance chances. Also, with the help of these apps, you can access your resume from anywhere.

Pocket Resume app

This is one of the best available apps for creating an outstanding resume on your phone. Additionally, it allows you to send your resume to whoever you want at any time. Pocket Resume has a slick interface that sanctions you to create, uphold, update, and email your resume from your phone. And since job opportunities show up anywhere, with this app, you can prepare the presentation of your qualifications at any time.

Use google docs

Google Docs is also another feature you can use to produce a perfect resume. They allow you to create, edit, and update your resume at any time. Thus, if you are looking to apply for a new job, you do not need to write a new resume from scratch. Instead, you can use Google Docs to make the necessary changes in your previous resume. It also has a CV formatting feature which can help you to present an eye-catching resume.

What to include in a cover letter

When writing the cover letter for your mobile resume, you need to ensure you know the information that you ought to have. A cover letter contains a contact section, information on why you qualify for the job, introduction to the recruiter, closing, and your signature. How you list this information depends on how you be sending your document. Nonetheless, ensure you incorporate the authentic details.

Check how it looks on the PC

After writing your resume, consider checking it out on a computer. How does it look? Did you use the appropriate fonts? Is it error-free? Are the texts in the correct format? Answering this will help you know if your document still needs some revision before you send it to the hiring manager.

Usual mistakes

There are some mistakes you are bound to make when writing your resumes such as spelling mistakes, formatting errors, and overlapping texts. So, before you submit or forward your document, ensure you correct all the mistakes. Use the resume formatting feature on your phone to format your paper in an appropriate manner. Also, go through your document to ensure there are no spelling mistakes and that it follows the standard procedure of writing a resume.

Make profile photo from your phone, add it to resume

Your resume also ought to have a picture in it. This photo helps the recruiter to get an idea of how you look before they get to meet you in person. Furthermore, it can help increase your chances of getting that job. But, you need to ensure that your photo looks professional. DO not take any random picture from your gallery and add it to your resume.

Proof your cover letter

Before you send your resume to any hiring manager, ensure you go through it once more to warranty that there are no further mistakes. Proofread your cover letter to ensure that it contains the necessary information. Also, ensure that this information is accurate and precise.

Download it in PDF – send to HR

You can now download your document and send it to the HR team of that company. Ensure you have it in PDF format, as hiring managers find it easy to read a document in PDF format.

In conclusion, writing a resume may seem like a daunting task for several job applicants. Most people do not know how to make their resumes stand out from that of other applicants. Hence, they often choose to order custom essay help when it comes to crafting topnotch resumes. With professional help from these services, you can produce the best resume, which will boost your acceptance chances. Also, you can consider using your smartphone to write a perfect resume. With the above information, you can learn how to make a resume on my phone.