15 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Website

We all are aware of the popularity of WordPress. It has been in use since a decade now and seems to be growing day by day because of all the features it has to offer. When it started it was merely a blogging website but now it has all the features that a business or a professional website needs to run successfully.

WordPress is used by more than 60 million users to showcase their work to other people in any part of the world. The number of users is increasing day by day. This content managing platform has become very famous over the past years due to its powerful features and simple design. WordPress offers more than just blogging. It is used for professional websites and also eCommerce stores where they can sell their products online.

Have you ever wondered what makes WordPress so popular and why is it the best solution for your website? Why you should choose WordPress over other website builders? To know all of the answers related to these questions, follow this blog till the end.

If you are someone who is planning to create a website for business or any other thing then you should consolidate Project cool and create one on WordPress. I am going to list down all the reasons why you should choose WordPress over a traditional website.

Free of Cost

Now if you are planning to create a website and you have to pay a huge amount to create it. Will you? That is a major turnoff. The best thing about WordPress is that it is totally free of cost. You can do all the things by yourself like adding blog posts, new pages etc instead of paying the designers to do that work for you which is a hassle.

Easy to Use and Open Source

When you hear about creating a website what comes in your mind first? Coding. The good thing about WordPress is that you don’t have to be a coder or an HTML expert in order to create a WordPress site. You can easily create new posts, edit them and redistribute without coding anything. How amazing is that? You can create your free website in minutes if you have an internet connection and a browser. It is free to download and install with easy steps.

You can start working on your own from the scratch without any help. It is extremely easy to use.

Supports Lot of Plugins

If you still feel like something is missing or something could have been more better then there is also a solution for that and its called PLUGINS. It adds functionality to the website which makes it more useful. WordPress has a vast variety of plugins which are free as well as paid. The popular and the useful ones are mostly free. There are some plugins that you need to use in order to make your website more powerful whether it’s a business website or any other one.

You need to check out the article that I have linked below for the best plugins available.

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Security and Safety

With the term internet comes the relation hackers. Now you would be worried if your website gets hacked and you lose all your data. You do not have to worry about the hackers because the security team is constantly working and making this website secure and safe where hackers can not hack into your account.

It has a very high security. If you’re still worried then you should download some security plugins only from trusted sources to make it more secure.

Multimedia Support

If you want to add more content to your website rather than just text then you definitely want this website. It lets you add video or photos through uploading from your system or by posting a URL. You can also add audio files and other media to keep your website appealing.

Fully Responsive

We are living in an era of smartphones. People like to use websites which they can also use on their handheld devices like mobile phones, tablets. The websites which are not responsive are being ranked low on google. WordPress themes are fully responsive and some also support plugins that make them responsive and mobile friendly.

For the themes that are not responsive by themselves, WordPress give them the option to view in mobile mode.

>Social Media Integration

WordPress also gives you the feature of social media integration which means that people can view or comment on your website through their social media accounts. It is so irritating to make a separate account just for commenting on a website. You can also share your work on different social media platforms in seconds. There are a great number of plugins that you can choose from that give the functionality of sharing your work on social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the most important thing to keep in mind while building a website. There are some predefined parameters that need to be fulfilled for a website to be ranked higher according to search engines. Popular search engines like google tend to give high preferences to the users of WordPress than people who use other websites because of its simple, clean and responsive design. Good thing is that WordPress is an SEO friendly website.

SEO fulfills all the parameters and there are also more SEO plugins that help you make your website more visible.


WordPress is a highly customizable platform. If you’re someone who knows nothing about coding and also don’t want to hire a designer then WordPress is the best place for you. You can get your desired look in minutes. It is very easy to customize colors, design, background, images of a theme through the control panel without writing a single line of code. However those who know coding and want to use it somewhere can customize it by changing the code of the theme.

Schedule Posts

Now another good thing about WordPress is that you can always schedule your posts. If you want to post something you have just written some other time of the day and don’t want to wait for so long then you can schedule your posts whenever you want to post that and you think you will have more audience at that time. It will automatically be posted.


If you’re running a business website where you’re selling products then one most important thing you should add are customer testimonials. This is great technique for selling products and letting users know what other people are thinking about your website/product. You can get many plugins for that which are super useful.

Multi Users

If you’re running a business or any sort of big website where you’re not the only one person managing it then WordPress allows you to assign different roles to your different team members where you can provide them work the way you want. You can also provide them read only document or give them editing power its totally up to you.


As we know that WordPress is a free CMS ( Content Management System). WordPress and its plugins are is updated often. It is linked with an automatic updater to maintain its security. So CMS informs you about the new updates. This helps to keep your website safe and always up to the latest version.

Online Support

With millions of users around the whole world, a big community has come forward support, help people, exchange ideas and a lot of other things related to WordPress. You can always talk to the community support through the WordPress forum if you’re dealing with any kind of problem. They all are constantly making WordPress more better for everyone.

WordPress Maturity

WordPress has been in use since 2003 which is more than 14 years now. It has been refined, tested and upgraded which means it is not a website which started today and we don’t know the problems that might occur with it. WordPress is considered to be the number one CMS. If you still have issues with it then you will miss a lot out of this amazing website publisher.