34 Fabulous Spiral Logo Designs for Inspiration

Logos are a very important part of a business as they convey some message in it. It is very important to create logos that are eye catchy as well as conveying a deep message in it. Now spiral logos are basically created with a spiral in mind and changing its shape from here and there. The definition of spiral according to mathematics is a curve which exudes from a point, moving more distant away as it spins around the point. In designing, spirals can be anything like shell, sushi, snails, whirlwinds, the outcomes are boundless.

Spiral logos are very creative and lively and they can gain someone’s attention in no time. Below is a list of beautiful spiral logo designs. These spiral logos can be used for any type of business. Now check out these spiral designs which have been amazingly turned into spiral logos by the designers.

Yugen Logo

Yugen Logo is a very beautiful logo created by Ortega Graphics which has a few adjusted red quadrilaterals framing spirals and a hexagonal general shape. The shapes inside this logo are extremely beautifully done where you can see it making a very perfect shape.

There are some big boxes as well as some tiny boxes which look like leaves. You can use this spiral logo for any type of company that requires a design like this. Get it now and start using it to make your designs look appealing.

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Golden Spiral

This is a stunning logo design which is also very creative. This logo is created by Adam Belis where you can see a gold spiral with some shiny gold surfaces. This golden logo looks extremely beautiful as well as it produces a lot of shine.

It is perfect for people who want a blingy look and can make their designs rock. It is a very perfectly designed logo which can be used for any type of company that requires spiral design logos.

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Heliosa Logo

Heliosa Logo is another great logo created by Ortega Graphics where you will see stylized sun with rays of different sizes. This logo is beautifully designed with some really amazing colors and spiral shapes that can catch anybody?s attention in no time.

It has various rounded circles in the form of spirals where you can see some of the circles are big in shape whereas the other circles are smaller. You can get this logo and make it yours for a creative company look.

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Spiral Health & Fitness

This is a logo create by KumoInk which was for the company Spiral Health & Fitness. The logo reflectsthe company?s name and nature of the business with its beautiful colors selection. It has beautiful color selection with nice typography that can catch anybody?s attention very quickly.

You can also see a heart made in spiral shape with two different colors. As, this is for a health company so you can see a heart which depicts the health of the patients.

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Spiral Trinity

Spiral Trinity is a spiral logo created by Tatiana Bischak. This is a beautiful spiral logo design with great colors. This striking logo has been made in a great spiral shape where you can see various circles crossing each other but making a spiral shape. You can also see tiny circles outside the spiral.

This logo can be used for any kind of company that requires any spiral logo design. The changing colors provide a very soothing sight to the eyes and look great.

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Visual Pollution

This is a logo design made by Leanna White for a NY-based apparel brand called Visual Pollution where you can see a nice spiral design. The logo has been created on a very dark background i.e black with the logo in white color.

You can see the spiral logo inside and also there are some arrows pointing towards the outside. This is a great logo which will look amazing for any kind of company.

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Confused Dude

Confused Dude is a great spiral logo design by Nick Kumbari with amazing color blending and shades. This logo has been made on a very bright colored background which also blends with the logo color.

You can see that the logo has been designed with its name where you can see a spiral image which looks like a worm having a very confused face with two eyes and a shocked mouth.

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Fibonacci Elephant

Fibonacci Elephant is a spiral logo collage designed by Jan Zabransky. You can download it for free and check out the other logo designs as well. This logo has a design which looks exactly like the shape of an elephant?s trunk.

Also, you can see various pictures inside the logo making it look like an elephant. It is a perfect logo if you have anything related to animals and want a logo that would look perfect.

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Colour is another amazing colorful spiral design for a tech company. You can see different colors making a spiral design. It has been made on a dark background which lets the logo shines brightly.

The logo also consists of a lot of different colors making a spiral design. It is a perfect logo for technology people around there who want a creative logo for their companies.

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Work Flower

This is a spiral flower logo design by Breno Bitencourt. It has a lovely color combination which makes it look appealing. This flower shaped logo uses many colors which further have different shapes inside them.

This is a perfectly made logo with the most perfect shapes that are going to be very eye-catching. It has been made in shape of a flower with 6 edges sticking out making it look stunning.

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This is a logo designed by Skirmantas Raila where you can see a turtle made out of a spiral design. This is one of the cutest logo design which has been made to give a feel of the turtle and water.

It has a very beautiful and light background with the most beautiful colors and above it you can see a spiral logo in the shape of a turtle. Only the inner part of the turtle has been turned into a spiral design.

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Another beautiful spiral logo design where you can see a simple spiral plant design with some leaves on it. This is a very neat and clean logo design which has been made on a pure white background.

You can also see a tree with tiny green leaves that have been folded into a spiral shape giving it a spiral touch. Below it you can see the typography which will be your company?s name.

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This is a spiral design by Florian Vecsey in the form of a drop for a water charity project. This logo has been rendered and modeled in 3D. You can see a perfectly designed spiral logo which has been in such a shape that it resembles a water drop.

This logo can be used for any kind of company that has something to do with water. The bright color in the front and the light color at the back make it look extremely beautiful.

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The Spira

The Spira is a clean logo design by lboi where the requirement of this design was to give organic, earthy and natural feel. It is nothing complicated but a very simple logo design with nice colors and typography.

The typography is however a little fancy which will be your company?s name that look really amazing. You can use this logo for any kind of company. The striking colors bring a lot of focus to the logo.

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TermoControl is a perfectly made spiral logo design which was designed for a company that provides air conditioning services. It is a logo made by keeping the heat structure in mind. This is a simple logo however it perfectly draws a lot of attention to its logo design.

You can see a spiral design with some tiny shapes where some of them are small while some are large in different colors that resemble the heat process. Below it you can see the typography which will be your company?s name.

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Nova Reis

Nova Reis is a beautiful logo which is based on golden ratio. It has been designed for an interior and furniture design company. This is yet another logo which has a simple design yet with a classy look that manages to draw perfect amount of attention to itself.

It has a dark background with light logo and typography that makes it focus. The spiral starts from a tiny shape and grows into a bigger shape that looks amazing.

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Esaving Systems

This is yet another spiral logo design with gorgeous color selection. This is designed for a company called Esaving Systems where they have made a gadget that helps with diminishing discharges from family unit apparatuses. This is a logo which consists of a lot of different shapes consisting of different colors.

Mainly two colors have been used inside the logo. Below it you can use your company?s name which will look quite big and attractive.

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Alkogen Alliances

Alkogen Alliances is a logo which has a spiral design and a mild color selection. You can download this logo for free. This is a shiny neat logo which will bring a whole new look to how people actually see your company. You can see a spiral has been made with ombre kind of colors.

Below it there s the company?s name in block letters which looks really amazing and can draw anybody?s attention quickly. You can start using this logo for free and make it yours.

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Spiral Edge

This is a blue colored spiral logo design for a company called Spiral Edge which makes web items for games and fitness. This logo design has been made with sharp bright color that is quite striking to catch anybody?s attention.

Moreover, the typography below has two colors in it where you can make something creative and make it look amazing. The logo starts from the bottom and makes a spiral when it reaches the height.

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This is another great logo design by Breno Bitencourt for Guardalume Fotografia which looks perfectly fine with beautiful colors. This is a creative spiral logo design which has been designed for a photography page.

It has basically used two main colors and you can see a spiral making out of the shapes. Moreover, the more focus is on the typography which is bigger in size and will make your company?s name have a lot of focus on it.

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It is a logo design created by Deividas Bielskis for Goldilox Company. The designer has used golden ratio to create abstract G. This logo has a solid color in its background with a white typography on top of it to bring more focus.

The letter G has been created in a spiral shape which also looks really amazing and some people might not be able to guess it. In front of it you can see the company?s name.

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Foto Skrydis

A stunning spiral logo design for FotoSkrydis which means photo flying. You can actually see the logo designed which truly matches the name of the company. This one of the prettiest logo designs that use a lot of colors that look quite appealing.

The feathers have been used in the logo making a spiral curve. Also, below it is the company?s name which can bring a lot of focus to itself too. The bright colors can catch anybody?s attention.

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Motion Birth

This is a logo designed Motion Birth which has a resemblance to star groups in a winding galaxy and molecules in a DNA string. This logo is inspired by life science. It is a very beautiful logo which also uses various colors to give it a more appealing look.

It has the company?s name in front of it where it can also be written in two lines. The logo is making a spiral galaxy design where you can see some tiny and some big dots.

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Fire Circle

Fire Circle is a minimalist logo design made by Dick Blacker where you can see the spiral logo as a circle of fire. This is a very dimple yet very attractive logo design made with bright and striking colors. It has been used on a dark background where you can see the company?s name in white color.

It is a very pretty logo which has been made in form of a fire and you can also see the flame. A circle has been made to give it a complete spiral look.

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Global Biomimcry

This spiral logo design is created by Maria Gr?nlund for the Global Biomimcry where you can see beautiful color selection used by the designer. This company?s logo has beautiful subtle colors which look extremely amazing with the typography or company?s name ahead of it.

You can use this logo for any kind of company if you feel that matches perfectly. It makes a spiral design which then moves till the smallest circle.

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Tree is a gorgeous logo design with different spirals around. This design actually gives you a look a tree. This is one of the classiest logo designs which has beautifully been made making it look perfect. The logo has used various shapes to make it a spiral design where you can actually see a tree.

The colors selection is also very beautiful which doesn?t look messed and everything looks quite organized.

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Csord?s Photography

This is a minimalist logo design for the Csord?s Photography made by Mih?ly Csord?s. You can see a camera and lens in the spiral design which relates to the company’s name. This logo has a very minimalist yet a very creative design which makes it look amazing.

The color selection is also very pretty and you can see that a camera has been made in place of the logo in spiral shape. Below it is the company?s name in bold letters and in two lines.

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Creation is a spiral logo design by Wizemark where you can see a beautiful logo design with a good color selection. This logo design looks quite vintage with the selection of colors. You can see a spiral design has been made by joining various shapes which kind of makes the shape of space rings.

The logo looks like it has been engraved on a surface. You can also see a face kind of shape between the inside of the logo. Below the logo you can see the engraved company?s name.

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Snailette is a logo designed for a gourmet food brand where you can see some resemblance to the snail in the logo with beautiful typography. This logo has been designed in a very beautiful way with a very good color selection and beautiful typography.

You can see a logo in the form of a spiral which looks very minimalistic but also very classy. It is forming a shape of the snake going with its name. The typography will make you company?s name pop out.

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Prism One

Prism One is a simple and minimalist logo design where you can see a beautiful spiral has been made in the form a circle with four different colors. This logo design looks quite simple yet is very striking due to its colors. It has been made with four shapes where all of them have different colors.

You can also see the company?s name ahead of the logo where half the part has a darker colors and the other half has a lighter color.

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Arising Flow

This is a clean spiral logo design which is inspired by upward spiral, fluidity, earth’s rotation axis. This logo looks like it is moving upwards. This logo also looks quite minimalistic yet it totally resembles what it says. Above all, the color selection and the shading make it look greater.

This logo has a lighter color on a darker and brighter background. It gives the perfect look of an upward spiral.

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O Logo

O Logo is a stunning spiral logo design by Alexey Potapov. You can see a beautiful spiral made with amazing colors. You can also see some great blending and shadows. This logo is great for attracting the attention of people with its bright and beautiful colors.

You can see a spiral has been made with the circle which looks like it is taking a turn. Moreover, the beautiful colors and the shading effects make it look beautiful and the most attractive.

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Targeleon is an extremely simple logo design which has been designed by Evgeny Romanchenko where you can see a simple spiral made on a rocking background color. It has a transparent edge. Moreover, the logo is quite simple yet it can perfectly draw anyone?s attention without much effort.

The beautiful colors make it look great. A spiral logo has been made in an inward motion where you can see the company?s name below it.

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Shake It

Shake It is a two-toned spiral logo design made by Chris Kerr where you can see two bright colors in the two halves of the circle with amazing typography above it. This is a stunning logo design with the most beautiful selection of colors.

The company?s name above the logo acts like a cherry on top of it. The spiral has been made in an inward motion with two bright colors which are blue and yellow.

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