Why Hosting Matters: 7 Big Time Business Benefits of VPS Hosting

The innovation behind hosting continues to impact the choices of business owners, especially small businesses. Small businesses are all about keeping their budgets intact while maximizing the technology they can integrate.

This has led many small businesses to opt for virtual private servers, or VPS hosting, over the traditional shared hosting option. Why? One reason in particular is the ability to get the website benefits of a dedicated server, but without the large hosting price tag.

That is where VPS hosting becomes a big time benefit for businesses on the rise. From better website performance to enhanced tech support, virtual private servers are providing what business owners want and need.

Let?s take a deeper look at why hosting matters, letting the following serve as your VPS vs shared hosting guide to exponential business growth for the coming year.

1. No More Shared Servers Slowing Down Your Website

Maybe one of the biggest benefits of VPS hosting is speed. Providing a quality user experience has a lot to do with load time, and with a virtual private server you can optimize that. How?

A VPS hosting plan gives you untethered access to more CPU, RAM, and disk space, since you are no longer sharing all of these vital components with hundreds of other sites parked on the same shared server.

2. Optimize Server and SEO Performance

Speed and optimizing website load time is not the only VPS benefit that provides a powerful user experience. Virtual private servers also deliver a user experience without uptime issues. This is vital, because if your site is down, you are losing money. It really is that simple.

Optimizing your server performance will also optimize your search performance. A website that runs fast, has a low bounce rate, and no uptime issues will generally outrank other sites on Google SERPs.

3. You Don?t Need to Manage Your Service

VPS hosting is like having your very own mini-dedicated server. You get nearly all the website bonuses of a dedicated server, but without the need of managing your own server. This is a big time benefit for business owners who may not be technologically inclined or IT savvy.

A virtual private server hosting provider will take on all the server management tasks for you. This means they will update hardware, software, and operating system (OS) for you. It is like having your own highly trained IT pros, but without having to pay their salaries.

4. Get Unlimited Access to Tech Support

When you do have an issue with your website, who do you call? Many business owners with a shared hosting provider will need to wait for some time on hold before getting their problem not resolved. A quality VPS host takes this out of the equation, as long as you have a quality provider.

This 24 hour a day, seven days a week tech support can be essential in saving you time and money. If your site has an issue, you can connect with actual experts and get it resolved quickly. This can be a big time profit booster, since website issues can lead to potential customers leaving your site to visit a competitors.

5. VPS Hosting Provides Enhanced Website Security

Having enhanced website security is a big time business benefit, especially now that cyber attacks are a normal occurrence. And don?t think hackers only go after large businesses. Small businesses that are growing are targets for cyber attacks as well, and you don?t want to lose your customer base after they find out data is leaked.

VPS hosting can ensure the likelihood of this is much lower by monitoring virtual servers for threats. If something does happen, your website is not connected physically to one single server, making recovery fast. This can mitigate risk and cyber attack damage.

6. You can Choose Your Prefered Operating System

One big time draw back when it comes to shared servers is that there is no choice on operating system. Everyone on the same server will have to use the same OS. But with VPS, you can get control over the operating system you want and/or need. You also get more control over software.

For instance, if you have an application that may not be compatible with your shared server, you are done for. Virtual private servers on the other hand ensure your application is compatible, since the variety of server resources is greater.

7. Possibility of Fully Managed Services

If you are going with a Managed VPS service then you can rest assured that your VPS or server is being fully managed and being monitored by your web hosting provider 24×7. Things like security patches, server monitoring and load monitoring is not something you need to worry about with such a service. Most often managed vps plans also come with free cPanel license included with the service itself.

Wrapping Up..

There are definitely a lot of big time business benefits to using a VPS hosting provider. The traditional shared server is simply not an option anymore for some businesses. After all, if you have your eye on fast growth, you will need to upgrade servers eventually anyways, so why not be forward thinking. Get the most out of your site!