22 Outstanding Free WordPress eCommerce Plugins For Your Online Store

This is the modern age of shopping where the most common form of shopping is Online Shopping. People just like to sit at their home and order their favorite products online without having to go to different markets and spend a lot of unnecessary time.

If you are planning to build an online store but lack motivation then this article is definitely going to help you create an outstanding online store. You need to work on how to make your website the most popular and a successful one. For that purpose, you need to download a few WordPress plugins that are completely free and provide amazing functionalities. There’s a possibility that your plugin might have all the features that your website needs and if that is not the case then you can always have the option to get Add-Ons.

There are a more than enough WordPress eCommerce plugins available but not all of them provide you with amazing features. There are some plugins which are best suitable for small businesses but not for the large ones. You have to spend some time looking for the best ones out there. I have saved your time by hand-picking the most handy plugins for you.

I have listed down 21 of the most popular and most useful eCommerce WordPress plugins that you can use for your online store to make it more popular and successful.


WooCommerce is a free plugin designed by Automattic which has been installed for over more than 3 million times. This is the most favorite plugin of developers as well as store owners and it can turn your website into an online store with a great number of functionalities. This comes with a lot of features that will help your store grow quickly and provide an ease to customers.

There are broad payment options that allows you to pay through a credit card, bank transfer or cash on delivery facility. It gives you the option to ship anywhere you like by free method or by taking some amount from the customers. You can sell any type of good from anywhere on your website and you can also be an affiliate marketer.


WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce is a popular plugin that allows you to sell any kind of products and allow subscriptions or membership and fully turn it into an eCommerce store. It consists of all the necessary features that will make your online store a great one. It has divers payment methods that you can choose from. There are amazing built-in mechanisms like secure checkout, marketing tools, orders management and a lot more.


WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes & Shipping Labels

The WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips plugin is the best tool to automatically generate and print invoice and related shipping documents like Packing slips, Delivery notes, Shipping label, Dispatch label, Address labels, Picklists, Credit notes, and Proforma invoices etc., for your WooCommerce store.

The PDF invoice plugin also allows you to generate and send PDF versions of Invoice and Packing slips along with order emails. The plugin offers multiple pre-built templates for each of the documents supported and allows customization of each component.

It supports adding custom fields to invoices. You can add variation information, metadata, payment information, logo, tax info, tracking details, and other branding elements into the documents using the feature. Custom label sizes, multilingual support, etc., are additional features of the plugin.


YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

Another free WordPress plugin designed by YITHEMES that can help the sales of your website go higher. You can add a wishlist with the help of this plugin where you can see a link of adding a specific product to your wishlist page. This is extremely helpful for the customers as you can add any product you like to the wishlist and it is your choice to add it to the cart right no or some days later. The good thing about is it that it will remain in the wishlist page for as long as you like. This is available in a lot of languages that you can choose from.


WooCommerce Multilingual

This multilingual plugin is designed by OnTheGoSystems which is extremely easy to use and can be translated very easily. It is loaded with great features which makes your store easy to use for people from different countries. Emails are sent to clients and admins in their native language making it easy for them to understand. Whatever language you choose at the start, it will remain the same throughout different pages till the end. You also have the option to translate your WooCommerce products and enable inventory tracking.


YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

A yet another eCommerce plugin by YITHEMES which is a very simple plugin but you can make the most out of it and give your visitors an amazing experience. It has more been installed for more than 100,000 times. It provides you a search bar where you can search for anything you’re looking and the related results will pop up saving you from the hassle of looking into each category. This comes with a lot of features like choices for showing of WooCommerce search items, Widgets and short-codes to demonstrate your WooCommerce search-form etc.


Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Ecwid eCommerce Shopping Cart is a well-built plugin made by Ecwid Team that will turn your online store into a very effective one. You can sell your products over hundreds of countries. join millions of users, sell internationally, providing numerous payment options and it is also translation ready. What else do you need more than this to increase the functionality of your store. You can also sell through eCommerce apps on your mobile from the store or you can also add store to your Facebook page and start selling. It has a great deal of features that you need to check out and use it for your online store.


WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway

This eCommerce plugin is a PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway which helps you sell your products securely and without making your theme to have any kind of problems it provides a secure In-Context Checkout. You can easily connect it to your PayPal account within a click and it helps you keep your account information safe.


Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Membership Pro is a powerful and free to use plugin designed by Stranger Studios that allows you to give limited access to members content like videos, categories, posts etc and set boundless membership levels. You can also add more ad-ons for your website and it works perfectly on any theme. You can also set members list, membership discounts, easy payment methods etc.


WooCommerce Checkout Manager

WooCommerce Checkout Manager is a very popular plugin designed by Visser Labs to organize, manage or modify the fields from your Checkout page. You can add new fields, delete the fields you want or order them the way you want. It is fully loaded with features to make your checkout page user friendly like Order time display, display payment methods, notice insertion, show or hide fields for some category etc.


WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

A simple eCommerce plugin that can turn any website into an online store. This plugin gives you the option to display the shopping cart on any post or page wherever you like. When someone buys something, they will automatically get emails for the thing aid for. It is a translation ready website and comes with a lot of features for a great shopping experience.


WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

This is a great plugin designed by WooThemes that provides coordination between Google Analytics and the WooCommerce plugin where you can interface a referral to a buy and add exchange data to your Google Analytics information. It also has a support for different add-ons that will make your online store more functional and they are eCommerce, eCommerce event tracking etc.


Import Products from any XML or CSV

Here comes another eCommerce plugin designed by Soflyy to make your online store a powerful one. You have two fields on your screen where the right side of screen displays products from XML/CSV files and left side of the screen looks like WooCommerce. All the file size are supported and there are no restrictions for a certain file size. What you need to do in order to import your data from XML or CSV to WooCommerce is simply to drag and drop it.


WooCommerce Grid / List toggle

WooCommerce Grid/List Toggle is a simple yet a great plugin by Jameskoster that allows you to add list/ grid button to your items documents enabling users to flip between list/grid perspectives of your items on your WooCommerce store. It is the choice of store owner to set a grid view or list view. The list view organizes items in a vertical rundown and pulls in the portion to give a more detailed view. The grid view is WooCommerces default layout for items.


Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital plugin that allows you to sell any kind of digital products online like whether it be videos, music, eBooks or anything without any hassle. It also provides you the major payment methods and they are PayPal Standard and Amazon Payments. You can choose to use it in your preferred language because it has a dozen of language available which makes it easy for people to choose it in their native language for a great experience.


WC Vendors

WC Vendors is a free and #1 multi vendor plugin with a lot of features to improve your eCommerce website and its shopping experience. This is a plugin which allows other vendors to sell different type of stuff on your website where they receive the commission set by you for each products that is sold. You can pay the commission instantly or set a specific schedule to pay the vendors their commission. Vendors have their own pages and they can also comment on the orders they have placed. It also send notifications to vendors of new orders.


Cart66 Cloud

Cart66 Cloud is a latest WordPress theme by Reality66 perfect for any kind of eCommerce store. This is the only plugin that makes your store PCI compliant. You can sell anything that you want and this plugin comes with a built in repeating billing engine and provides you with lots of options for more than 100 payment gateways. It is the most secure way and you don’t even need any add-ons for it as this plugin has everything that you need for a great eCommerce website.



Jigoshop is another perfect plugin to begin with your eCommerce store. This plugin can be set up in minutes and you will have full access to your online store without any issue. It gives all of you the obliged alternatives to help you make a completely highlighted eCommerce website with all the amazing features. You can also transfer every one of your items, bring installments with PayPal and Skrill etc. with no outer or extra device.


iThemes Exchange

iThemes Exchange is a very simple plugin with a simple interface created by iThemes. You can set up your site in no time and it will be running within minutes. It comes with some amazing features but if you want more features then you can use different add-ons available for that purpose. It also provides you with different payment options that you can choose from.



MarketPress is a totally free premium online customer facing facade for WordPress and Multisite. This is a completely free and premium WordPress eCommerce plugin offering a great number of features. This plugin offers everything from computerized downloads to physical merchandise in all shapes and sizes, offer item varieties and moment downloads from one simple to-utilize online commercial center.



Shopp is an amazing WordPress plugin which includes a limitlessly adaptable WordPress eCommerce plugin and secure shopping basket that runs a large number of effective online retail facades. Shopp is free and created by a group of volunteers to give a strong online business toolbox with the best built system for designers to expand upon. This is a premium module by the group at Ingenesis Limited.


eCommerce Shopping Cart

This eCommerce plugin by WP EasyCart is a basic shopping basket module that introduces into new or existing WordPress web journals and sites.