19 Powerful Free WordPress Security Plugins

We are all aware of that fact that WordPress is used by million of people around the world. It is one of the top Content Managing System (CMS). Different people around the world use this platform for their Business, Portfolios, Blogs, Online Stores, Restaurants and lot of different websites. It has simple blogging websites to full featured business website which are being run on this platform. Hackers are always trying to break into these sites and make a lot of damage to them.

WordPress itself is a very secure site which is updated quite often to remove any kind of viruses or vulnerabilities they find. WordPress security is extremely important if you don’t want hackers to break into your websites. You should always have top security plugins from trusted parties. One of the major ways how hackers can break into your site is when you download themes and plugins from a third-party. They come with certain vulnerabilities which makes a way for hackers to break into your website.

When you choose the right security plugins you will always be satisfied and it will also make a great experience for your users.

This post is all about providing you with the best security plugins available that you can download for free to make your website secure. They come with a lot of features that keep you away from known vulnerabilities and keep your website safe. They are updated quite often to bring in more features and for improvement purposes.

Below is a list of 19 free WordPress security plugins for 2017 that you definitely need to see if you want to secure your website. I have also added a little description for your ease to know more about the plugin which are going to download.

Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL is an amazing security plugin that naturally identifies your settings and arranges your site to keep running over HTTPs. The site URL and home URL are changed to HTTPs. Every single approaching solicitation are diverted to HTTPs. To keep it lightweight, the alternatives are kept to a base.


Wordfence Security

Free WordPress Security Plugins

Wordfence Security is a great plugin by Wordfence which has been installed for over 22 million times. This is the most downloaded WordPress security plugin which makes sure you get the maximum security to stay away from hackers. It has a live traffic feed which gives you insights of people trying to hack your site and traffic insights. It has a Threat Defense Feed which is updated constantly and protects you from hackers.


All In One WP Security & Firewall

This is a great security plugin which will help you stay away from vulnerable attacks and also has security measuring points which tell you how much protected you are. It has 3 firewall activation modes which you can choose according to the security need of you site. This is a must-have plugin for your website.


Acunetix WP Security Plugin

Acunetix WP Security is a free security plugin that causes you secure your WordPress establishment and proposes remedial measures. This plugin likewise conceals WordPress adaptation for non-administrators in back-end dashboard, Removes WP Generator META tag from centre code, secures File consents, passwords, and enables you to effectively take WordPress database reinforcement and greater security choices.


Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack is a security plugin by Automattic which has been installed for over 3+ million times. It provides all the necessary security and backup services that you need. You don;t have to worry about losing your data. You can also create amazing content with this plugin feature. It also provides you with all the sites and statistics.


iThemes Security

iThemes Security is another plugin that gives you full security in over more than 30 ways. This plugin has been downloaded for quite a lot of times and it provides you amazing features like Password Security, Two-Factor Authentication, Malware Scan Scheduling, WordPress Salts & Security Keys and a lot more.


ManageWP Worker

ManageWP Worker is a security plugin by ManageWP which is a dashboard which allows you to save your time by automating the workflow. It has bulk actions which allows you to carry certain tasks at once. It also has a cloud backup which saves all your data. You can also check your website with regular security checks to prevent them from getting hacked.It also supports Google Analytics Integration.


CAPTCHA by BestWebSoft

CAPTCHA provides you with best security services which can be used for password, registration, login and more. It provides users with a math equation so that they can complete the CAPTCHA form and move forward. It can have basic maths equations like add, subtract,multiply. You can add this form on any page you like. You can also choose what kind of CAPTCHA type you want.


WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

WP SpamShield is an all in one spam protection plugin by Scott Allen. This plugin has no captcha and it does its work in the background and makes the spam disappear.It has two layers of spam blocking and also supports a lot of other plugins and forms. It includes spam free contact form and anti-spam for a lot of other forms.


Shield Security

Shield Security is an easy to use WordPress security plugin by iControlWP. It blocks all the malicious requests and all the spam comments. It also hides Admin and Login page for your safety.A user has to verify his identity by email based authentication. It also has full Firewall protection and a lot more features.


Cerber Security & Limit Login Attempts

This is a plugin by Gregory which limits the login attempts by IP address. It comes with a lot of great features that you will absolutely love. You can also create a Black Access List or White Access List to allow or restrict logins from certain IP’s.It also provides you with an invisible CAPTCHA form.


IP Geo Block

IP Geo Block is another security plugin which makes sure your website is safe and secure by blocking demands from undesired nations additionally with the first element ‘Zero-day Exploit Prevention? (WP-ZEP). It also block unlimited requests for login form. Logs will be maintained the database.


Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

This security plugin is designed by Eli Scheetz which is updated quite often and comes with a lot of features to make your system secure. It automatically removes security threats by a complete scan. This theme also checks for updates and notifies you when there’s a new update available.


User Role Editor

User Role Editor allows you to change the roles of users easily except administrator role. You can also check some boxes regarding which functionalities you would like to assign to different roles and you can also customize their capabilities easily within few clicks. You can also customize your ages and forms to which role should be allowed to see or not.


SiteGuard WP Plugin

SiteGuard WP Plugin is a security plugin by JP-Secure which comes with a lot of functionalities to make your site secure. It has a Captcha form that has to be filled and keeps you safe from illegal attacks. You can also change the login name, there’s also login lock, login alerts will be sent to users for unauthorized logins.


WP Force SSL

WP Force SSL is a security plugin by Kostas Vrouvas which helps you divert HTTP activity to HTTPS without having you to change anything from the code. This is an open source plugin but you will have to need a SSL Certificate if you want this plugin to function.


Sucuri Free WordPress Security Plugins

This is another widely downloaded security plugin by Sucuri, Inc. It has been downloaded over 300,000 times. It is a free plugin which comes with 7 amazing features to help you keep your site safe from hackers and vulnerable threats. Some of the features out of seven key features of this plugin are Security Notifications, Blacklist Monitoring, Remote Malware Scanning, Security Activity Audit Logging and more.


BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is a very popular WordPress security plugin which has been downloaded for a very large number of times. This plugin has a paid as well as a free version and both of them offer amazing features that will make your site secure. It gives you Firewall Security, Database Security & Backup, Login Security and a lot more. This is a very easy to use and effective plugin which will help you a lot.


WP Antivirus Site Protection

This is yet another amazing plugin which will keep all the malicious viruses away from your website by scanning each and every file as well as theme on your website. This plugin makes sure your website is safe and secure from the viruses by detecting worms, hidden links, Trojan horses, backdoors etc.