How to Get More Likes on Instagram

People looking to get more engagement on their Instagram posts often wonder how they can get more likes on the platform. You might be surprised to learn that getting Instagram likes is not as hard as what many people assume. Humans have the tendency to complicate simple things, and this is the case when it comes to getting Instagram likes.

It is not hard to get Instagram likes as long as you know exactly what you are doing. So, instead of making things more complicated, you should take a few minutes to read the information provided here since it will guide you on your journey towards getting more Instagram likes. If you want to become popular on the platform or want to get higher engagement, implement the tips discussed here.

The first step to getting more likes on Instagram is understanding why Instagram likes actually matter.

Why Do Instagram Likes Actually Matter?

Instagram likes matter because they are often the first connection between a brand, business, or individual to new followers. In fact, if your posts are getting many likes, it means that many people love and appreciate what you are posting. What’s more, if you run a business, you can think of it as part of your marketing strategy. You can look into Instagram auto comment for your new post to get your profile off to a flying start.

Now that you at least have a clue as to why you must never overlook likes on Instagram, it is now time to look at the tips for getting more likes on Instagram.

Effective Tips for Getting More Likes on Instagram

Sharing High-Quality Images and Pictures

You should always keep in mind that amazing, high-quality content requires thought and preparation. So, if you would like to come up with such content, here are some of the things that you should do:

Use the proper filters: Instagram offers numerous impressive filters and it can be quite confusing to choose the right one. It is therefore always advisable to use filters with the right exposure, increase contrast, and have a warmer tone.

Show the real you: Always consider showing your face or that of somebody else when making posts. If you do that, you can increase your chance by 38 percent.

Use the proper colors: Blue images typically get 24 percent more likes than red images.

It is also important to keep things unique and varied. Fortunately, Instagram offers exceptional tools for this and here are some of them.

Boomerang: It is used for creating video loops, frontward, and backward.

Superzoom: It automatically zooms while you are playing dramatic sounds.

Focus: It helps blur the background while keeping your subject in focus.

Still, for more likes, here are some tips on the best way to edit pictures for your Instagram posts.

Use Hashtags in a Smart Way

Hashtags are incredibly important on Instagram. In fact, they can help your target demographic find you more easily. Keep in mind that the higher the number of people that see your post the higher the number of likes and engagement you will get. It is these likes that will help you push your content into other user’s feed.

You need to be smart and wise when you are using hashtags. Do proper research and look for common and relevant hashtags in your niche. Better still, you can make your own custom hashtags to label various campaigns. However, you need to avoid using too many of them since your posts might end up looking somewhat spammy. For the best results, you can consider using Instagram Hashtag generators.

Write Amazing Captions

The caption section of Instagram posts is often overlooked. Some users write just a few words summarizing the post but little do they know that it can be a costly mistake.

When you write, ensure that you do it wisely so that it can help you gain more likes and drive your marketing objectives. Instagram does not have a character limit, which means that you are free to make it either long or short, it is entirely up to you. After all, what matters the most is to ensure that your caption count’s, social gone viral is a good tool to help create good captions.

Still, there are some impressive ideas you need to consider when writing captions.

  • Ask questions
  • Show some love
  • Consider using famous quotes or song lyrics
  • Add some humor, but ensure that you don’t hurt people’s feelings

It is quite evident that you have virtually limitless ideas when it comes to making great captions.

Consistent Posting

It might look very simple, but the unfortunate thing is that many people often disregard it. Are you wondering why you have to do this? The truth is that it is a great question. Read on to learn why.

  • Your target audience will start recognizing your brand in no time.
  • You will establish authority and people will start thinking of you as a front-runner in your industry or niche.
  • You will have the opportunity to engage with the audience. Keep in mind that loyal customers generate more revenue that acquiring new ones.
  • You will offer useful and interesting content that may lead to you generating higher quality leads

Even so, it is important to avoid posting irrelevant content simply to prove to the audience that you are a consistent poster.

Encourage Followers to Tag their Followers too

If you wish to get more likes, you need to consider encouraging your followers to tag their followers/friends in the comment section. For example, you can write a caption like this: ‘Tag a person you know would like to watch a movie’. By simply doing this, you will have the opportunity to expose your account to numerous people.

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