Pop ups on a Landing Page – Hot or Not?

Like every other concept in the marketing world, the concept of landing pages also evolves. Therefore, you need to keep up with the latest landing pages trends and change design og yours from time to time. Luckily you are able to do it smoothly with a free landing page creator and add as many elements? as you?d like on your every whim completely free of charge. But what these additional elements could be?

I?m sure you already have all those high quality images that give your landing page professional and neat look. For sure you also have a visible and properly put call to action. However, have you ever thought about adding some pop ups on your landing page?

I realise that pop ups do not really bring nice and pleasant memories and are rather associated with aggression and not truly exemplary practices of companies. However, would you believe me if I tell you that all this bad reputation of pop ups is actually exaggerated and only your competitors should believe in those fairy tales? And that pop ups literally can increase your conversions and engagement if are used wisely? Let me tell you then why it is worth to use them and how to do it in a smart manner.

Pop ups on landing pages can be your secret weapon

People tend to focus on bad things and memories. Therefore, naturally when they hear ?pop ups? they screw their faces and think about that time they were searching for something and some popup advertisement blocked entire website, there was no exit button to be seen and they just got irritated. But try to imagine how differently they would feel if a popup actually offered a solution to their problem. I bet they wouldn’t have tensed up. And this kind of pop ups you want on your landing page.

Obviously all kinds of pop ups are quite disruptive as they literally block entire websites or their parts. However, even if it doesn?t sound really compelling it is an effective tactic. With pop ups you can be sure you have attention of the visitors and even if they don?t want it they check subliminally what it is about.

First moment will always be a little disturbing. Consequently – what you need to do is to make sure that the second one will demonstrate them that your popup can be beneficial. And you are able to do that by following best landing page pop ups practices. 

Best landing page pop ups practices

There are numerous exemplary landing pages pop ups practices to be followed. Let me quote you three the most crucial ones in order to make your pop ups engaging instead of driving people away. 

Offering value for value

The easiest way to encourage the visitors to subscribe via your popup is to offer them something they need what somehow is related to your product or service. In the marketing world it is called a lead magnet and not only does it increase a number of conversions but also show the potential customers the quality of your work what make them more willing to purchase later. 

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to lead magnets. It can be something simple and quick to create like a short video, a calendar or more time-consuming like an e-book or a guide. However, when deciding what to offer most crucial is thinking about your target audience and their needs. Try to get into their shoes and provide them with something they truly need.

Nice and neat popup 

Another thing about pop ups is the fact that they need to look professional and neat. If your landing page popup is poorly designed and it looks rubbish nobody wants to do anything with that. Don’t put too much images, texts and buttons. It has to be simple – one image and one sentence is enough. But it has to be a proper image and a meaningful sentence.

With a popup you should just inform them what you offer in exchange for subscribing. If, for example, your lead magnet is an e-book, try to convince them they really need this e-book and add an extract or an image showing it’s worth having. Put as little information as possible but keep most powerful you are able to. 

Visible exit button 

Last but not least, respect your visitors and do not make them search for an exit button for an hour or more. Not everybody can be interested right away and want just to keep browsing. Enable them it and keep in mind that your landing page popup needs to be user friendly. 

An exit button should be placed in a visible, easy to find spot. Do not play with your new potential leads hide-and-seek as, even though in real life it is an awesome game, in online business world it has rather negative (than positive) value.