Capabilities and Skills to look in a Developer

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the largest popular cloud-based platforms which provide safe and secure facilities like content delivery, database warehouse, compute power and other capabilities which assist business to raise and expand. This platform is also utilized to host various services on a individual network which means that without the Internet connection one can easily be in touch with the resources in the similar network. Nevertheless, businesses require devoted and loyal specialists with the capacity to employ code 35 times outstripping contenders to make that work. The professionals should not just have comprehensive understanding and awareness of Linux and Python as well as about the essential elements of Amazon Web Services like normal Email service, Elastic Compute Cloud, Route 53 (DNS web service).

But the main question is that when the market is deluged with a large number of developers, what should be the process of recruiting skilled and qualified applicants?

One of the finest way to recruit the skilled and intelligent developers is to start considering for applicants that have enormous understanding and awareness of Amazon Web Services along with DevOps tools. DevOps is a combination of software development practices which merge IT operations and software development operations to enhance the organization?s capability to deliver updates, features and applications at a faster rate.

These services not just facilitate the distribution of automation and application code of the software release processes besides that it also keeps an eye on the infrastructure and application performance.

According to a report of Linux Foundation, near about 60% of recruiting managers are looking to fulfil AWS engineers posts promptly! Indeed, if you?ll explore on Google, you?ll get aware of how much there is demand in the market for AWS engineers. Hence, it is desirable to search for the applicants who also have AWS DevOps skills. The programming test helps you to hire better developers. It can help in saving a lot of time by avoiding incompetent candidates.

The capabilities and competencies that you should be searching for in an applicant are as follows:

  1. Administration and Coordination of modifications to AWS Resources: Administration and Coordination are the most significant skills that one must take care while recruiting AWS DevOps engineers. They should have well versed knowledge of cloud formation, modifying, creating and terminating collections of AWS resources utilizing reclaimable and pre-defined infrastructure patterns. Having understanding of AWS service index is an additional benefit which assist the businesses to manage and establish lists of IT services which are approved for use on Amazon Web Services. Developers must be aware of how to scale and deploy web applications and how to incorporate supplementary AWS OpsWorks such as Amazon ElastiCache or Amazon RDS. For the organizations which deal with AWS, they highly require tools like AWS OpsWorks which help them to incorporate extra AWS services like Amazon RDS instances and Elastic Load Balancing. Hence, the experts must be skilled and experienced enough in controlling such tools.
  2. Inventory and structure tracing of AWS resources: The additional capability AWS developer must have is that they should be aware of how a resource was structured last time by utilizing a thorough inventory of the current structure and configuration of AWS resources. They should have widespread awareness of utilizing predefined managed AWS rules in order to smoothly evaluate AWS resource compliance.
  3. Application and Operating System (OS) Stack Management: The developers which are to be hired must have ability to work on managed services of AWS like AWS Elastic Beanstalk which is utilized for unfurling AWS OpsWorks and infrastructure utilized to configure, manage, automate, deploy servers and stacks throughout AWS. These skills mentioned above are essential for working on AWS. The managers who are responsible for hiring or the HR department must search for such skills and abilities while hiring developers which will assist you to shift to the cloud and scale automation throughout the organization.
  4. Partners and Third-party tools: The hiring managers should look for applicants which are good at configuring and incorporating third-party tools to offer extra capabilities. Some ordinary third-party tools of AWS are Ansible, Chef, Salt and Puppet. Others are as follows:

The main DevOps characteristics are as follows:

  • Capacity to script and code
  • Data management skills
  • Capability to utilize clear open source tools and technologies
  • Firm focus on business results
  • Powerful grasp of automation tools

The vital skills in developers are as follows:

  1. Security Training: To rationalize the processes and for faster cycle, merging operations and development together is a great way which also elevates a no. of vulnerabilities. Hence, DevOps engineers should be competent of writing safety codes to safeguard applications from malware, along with protecting against usual cybersecurity threats.
  2. Testing: It is highly critical for an AWS DevOps engineer to have modern testing skills. With the proper testing, each and every function can stay connected together with enforcement of latest features.
  3. Collaboration and teamwork: A professional developer will be capable of helping the team and detect bottlenecks and address them immediately. The developers should be skilled and should be aware of how to work in a team, in collaboration with the team members in order that whole team can move forward.
  4. Complete understanding and awareness of tools and techniques: Every single day there is advent of new tools and technologies due to which it is very crucial for AWS DevOps engineers to have a widespread knowledge of latest tools, they should be capable of creating and developing new ideas, and should be able to face the new challenges to expand and develop their organisation.

The HRs should prepare a list of questions to ask the candidates in the interview while hiring. The questions should be related to their personal competitiveness, the obstacles faced in their past projects and how they tackled it, and what programming languages do they know?

There are a huge number of jobs available for AWS DevOps engineer/developer. More the no. of possibilities will attract more applicants and more competition. Due to which it becomes essential for the organizations to select a perfect candidate by testing them, shortlisting candidates who have good knowledge and understanding of new tools and techniques, which will help the company to expand and scale their business.