Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress For Your Website

WordPress has different reasons to celebrate as well. With more than 65 million websites and online journals created on WordPress and enormous companies like TechCrunch and CNN utilizing it, it doesn’t come as an unexpected that marketers and designers alike prescribe it to their colleagues and customers.

The WordPress platform is known to have a myriad of advantages: free of cost, holds a passionate community behind it, and engineers are rapidly expanding its determination of themes, layouts, and plugins to allow it to accommodate any website need or reason.

While the majority of the WordPress plugins are utilized as blogging platforms, it can fit any organization or business from an internet business store to a social systems administration community.


WordPress was launched in 2003 when nobody had the basic idea about CMS or a blogging webpage. While it may have started off as an apparatus for bloggers, it rapidly developed to end up the first go-to platform for everybody from entrepreneurs to programmers with next to zero tech experience. Almost 500 new websites are created each day utilizing WordPress.

The life span of WordPress means it will be around for a progressively expanded period. You don’t get the same certainty with the absolute latest CMS platforms growing up; they battle to attract a large buyer base, and either many get acquired by a contender or shut down completely. Thusly, it leaves you no place, or probably in a bad spot, in case you’re utilizing it.


Open source just means that WordPress’ construction law is free and can be accessed by all clients. An open CMS won’t make your online domain vulnerable. In fact, by utilizing WordPress, you have taken the initial advance in improving security for your website.

You can easily download and alter the WordPress code at whatever point need be. It is essential to remember, in any case, that not all changes will be accepted by the WordPress team. You may have to update to another adaptation in case the changes are approved. Besides, acquiring WordPress does not cost you a dime. That is beyond what you can say about other similar platforms out there in the market.


It is almost every site proprietor’s dream to rank higher on search engines. WordPress is intended to be SEO friendly since you can download WordPress to enhance this capacity and improve your domain’s optimization.

By utilizing WordPress, your website turns out to be attractive to search engines. The main reason being, the platform is composed utilizing simple compliance and elevated expectation clean codes. Hence, it contains the ability to deliver semantic markups.

The responsive and exceedingly logical structure make search engines have a certain inclination for WordPress. The platform gives each page and posts special Meta tag catchphrases, allowing for progressively exact search optimization.


No entrepreneur wants to stall out with cutout destinations, and in case you’re utilizing WordPress, you won’t be. The WordPress subject framework alludes to actualizing attractive structures rapidly. All you have to do is purchase a one-time permit for a top-notch topic ? the best of which accompany detailed documentation and pre-set layouts for huge amounts of utilization cases.

Besides, WordPress is at the heart of a flourishing freelance improvement community. That means at whatever point you do need support, you will most likely discover it effortlessly.

All of the factors referenced above will cost less in the event that you need assistance altering your site, and doing as such won’t take ages. In the event that you think you have the basic technical abilities with an all-around reported subject, you can make the modifications yourself.


While the customization choices and available plugins can be overpowering, there are many places and areas to reach out to for help ? a standout amongst the best things about WordPress being the number of individuals utilizing it. WordPress is a host to a strong community forum that is moderated by representatives and WordPress fanatics alike. On the off chance that your answer can’t be found in the forum, you can formulate your request.

You can also ask for help outside of WordPress. There are many online journals and websites with articles, for example, on everything WordPress, from module surveys to subject installation. Since the majority of the clients who assemble a site with WordPress love its alternatives and adaptability, they are ever-ready and willing to help other people begin as well.

A digital marketer, Alex Denning, progresses in the direction of taking care of the marketing issue clients would prefer not to deal with. He previously utilized WordPress genuinely at around rendition 2.5, about ten years ago. “I recollect at the time thinking the vibrant community made it a conspicuous decision, and I’m exceptionally glad I was correct I’ve attempted a handful of CMS platforms throughout the years however always returned to WordPress,” said Denning. According to him, WordPress has the correct blend of augmentations, effortlessness, and customizability. Above all else the WordPress community is its most grounded asset, driving innovation, an extraordinary array of themes and plugins, and its support organize.


Each subject ? usually a layout or structure for the front end of the website ? and module displayed in the WordPress gallery is accompanied by individual client surveys, so you realize how both will work when put into actual practice.

Other than looking at the surveys, you can also observe when the subject or module was last updated. In the event that it’s been over a year, it may merit having a go at something different, considering WordPress has experienced an ongoing major update.

With regards to organizational CMS platforms, it merits the expense to put resources into a premium or novel topic for your website. Additionally, one of a kind plugins that enhance your client experience is usually worth the purchase.


WordPress can be easily set up virtually on any web host since it controls approximately 60 per cent of the whole web. Majority of the hosting plans incorporate single-tick installation for the CMS or accompany it pre-installed. That means clients have a full opportunity when choosing where to host your WordPress website. You can easily locate the cheapest or fastest hosting supplier, and you can even set up a local installation on your PC for improvement and testing purposes.

The CMS platform Bourne utilized fore was LightCMS, and while it got the activity done, it was firm and not exceptionally natural. It expected customers to avoid through the loops to make simple changes, and the month to month cost was not ‘cherished’ by any client.

The thing Bourne adores the most about WordPress, then again, is that it very well may be as simple as you want it to be. From a simple website without a blog to a basic blogging forum or massive media webpage, WordPress is adaptable, extensible and can address the issues of almost any task, maintaining its ease of utilization.


With regards to website improvement, we realize that not every person wants to invest all their working energy in organizing an online domain. That is why we trust that WordPress is, without a doubt, a brilliant instrument for amateurs and specialists alike.

WordPress is free, responsive, secure, and exceedingly customizable. In case you are searching for a digital distributing platform easily of utilization, attempt WordPress. It will be a brisk success for cultivating a superior customer experience.