?4 Website Problems That Could Be Affecting Your Bottom Line

Nearly 95 percent of internet users claim a positive user experience is their main concern when visiting a website for the first time. Failing to provide consumers with a good experience can lead to your business taking a big hit.

While most business owners realize the importance of having a website, few know how to properly build and populate a website with content. Rather than taking on a DIY web design project, hiring a company like the Hook Agency to help out is essential.

Once a website has been constructed and is online, it is your responsibility to make sure it stays updated and functional. Read below to find out about some of the most common website problems that may be affecting your bottom line.

1. Overly Complicated Site Navigation

One of the most critical components of website success is effective site navigation. If visitors to your website are unable to find the information they are after, it is highly likely they will abandon your site for the help of a competitor. The best way to avoid navigational problems is by consulting with a reputable web designer.

These designers will be able to help with vital decisions like where to put search bars and when to use hidden menus. A business owner?s lack of web design experience can create huge problems, which is why putting this job in the hands of an experienced professional is a must.

2. Your Website Doesn?t Feature In-Depth Information About Products and Services

When potential customers visit your website for the first time, they want information on the products and services being offered. While having an attracting and technologically advanced website is important, it shouldn?t get in the way of this information. Instead of focusing solely on the look of a website, you need to also be concerned with the content on it.

Providing consumers with limited information about your products and services will make it extremely hard to convert them into actual customers. If you are unable to write this content on your own, working with a seasoned writer is your best bet. A content marketing professional can help you find a voice for your company and use this voice to convey important information.

3. Slow Page Load Speeds

Modern consumers are notorious for having short attention spans. This is why you have to make sure that your business website loads quickly and correctly every time. If the pages on the site take more than a few seconds to load, it may result in you losing potential customers.

Figuring out what is causing these slow load speeds will usually require some professional help. One of the first things a web developer will look at when trying to track down the cause of this problem is coding errors.

If a particular page is filled with coding errors, large image files or lots of plugins, it will usually result in it malfunctioning. Sometimes, the problem can also come from other 3rd party services that you use, for example, your web hosting provider. Not all hosting providers are created equal & if you are serving your website to readers from USA, but your web hosting servers are in Europe, your readers will have as low loading time. The longer you wait to fix these issues, the more of a hit your bottom line will ultimately take.

4. A Lack of On-Page Customer Support

What happens when a potential customer has questions about your products or services outside of normal business hours? If you don?t have chat software on your website, the question consumers have will go unanswered.

With this software, you will be able to provide consumers with the help they need regardless of what time it is. While this type of software may be a bit costly, it is worth the investment considering the help it can provide potential customers.

Some business owners think a website is something they can set and forget. In reality, your business website will require constant updates and maintenance to stay functional.