Why Should a Designer Use a Graphics Tablet?

Since the world is changing, virtually everything is changing too. Art has changed over time. Besides, new devices like graphic tablets are designed to provide efficiency and accuracy. Some designers argue that graphic tablets are overrated. 

Are graphic tablets overrated? 

It may not be entirely true but the main argument is that they are quite expensive. If the price of the graphic tablet is an issue, ensure that you keep reading. In no time you will find out where and how to get a good value for drawing tablet here.

How useful are graphic tablets?

No doubt, graphic tablets are extremely useful but it depends on what you are using them for.

However, check out the usefulness of a graphic design below:

  • Speed

The type of graphic design you specialize in would depend on whether you need a graphic design or not. However, to match up with other designers, getting a graphic tablet would be highly recommended. 

You cannot compare using graphic tablets with when you are using pencils or a mouse to draw. Don’t forget, the graphic tablet comes with a pen. So with that, you can draw faster and gain more speed.

The speed while using a graphic tablet is twice as fast as when you use a mouse. Besides, with the graphic tablet, it feels more natural and fun too. Although die-hard mouse users will argue otherwise, it is only when you use a graphic tablet that you can tell the difference.

  • Accuracy

Another amazing thing about graphic tablets is that it provides you with overall accuracy. The pen and other tools that are available to you while using the graphic tablet make it almost impossible to make mistakes. In other words, you would make fewer mistakes when you use the graphic tablet. Besides the graphic tablet tools, you can erase your mistakes with ease.

  • Versatility

Imagine having a particular image in mind but your output is different. The great thing about graphic tablets is that they provide you with a chance to produce the exact image you have in mind. It’s quite frustrating to spend time drawing with your pencil or mouse without getting the right image you wanted. 

And the various tools make you think out of the box. More so, using graphic tablets makes ideas swim smoothly into your head. To date, most artists often deliver less than what they wanted because they lack the right tool.

For instance, with the wide range of colors offered by graphic tablets, you can come up with any shade of color that would sort your design. With graphic tablets, art has an endless opportunity to create more creative designs. 

What are graphic tablets used for?

The mindset of most artists is that graphic tablets are used for just drawing. They are various tools on a graphic tablet that allows you to use them for other purposes. Let’s see:

  • Drawing

One of the major functions of graphic tablets is to draw. A graphic tablet has a blank canvas and a stylus that you can use to draw. The stylus looks more like a pencil or can be used as a brush too. The graphic tablet mimics the tools you use to draw manually. 

With the graphic tablet, you can practically draw anything. The graphic tablet offers drawing tools that allow designers to practically any image in their mind. You can find practical graphic tools that will allow you to draw with your graphic tablet. 

  • Illustration

Just like the board that was used in the past, you can use the graphic tablet to illustrate things to your students. It makes animation classes easier to teach. Also, if you are having an online class, you can use a graphic tablet to perfectly illustrate your points to your students. Because the graphic tablet also gives you the feeling as if you are drawing on a board, it is easy to use it as an illustration tool.  

What to look out for?

The graphic tablet comes in various shapes and sizes. The features also differ. But here are the basic features that a good graphic tablet should have.

  • Size: A medium-sized graphic tablet is preferable. Besides, a medium-sized graphic tablet is easier to move around. Aside from that, you can view your images properly too. A small-sized graphic tablet may not be an idea because the image will appear very small and you might not view all the curves and lines properly.
  • Brand: The top brands of graphic tablets are often very expensive. But you can opt for unpopular brands that have the same features as the popular graphic tablets. Unpopular brands sometimes even have better features than well-known graphic tablet brands.
  • Purpose: Go for a graphic tablet that suits your purpose. If you want a graphic tablet for drawing, check the specifications and ensure that the sensitivity, responsiveness, and connectivity are top-notch. 


A good graphic tablet is an important asset for a graphic designer. Catch up with other graphic designers and get yourself a good graphic tablet. Read the graphic tablet instructions to learn how to use it.