How to Get the Most Out of Online Reviews on Your WordPress Site

In this day and age, brands need to be very aware of how they project themselves to their audience. With communication tools becoming even more accessible to people, anyone can leave a positive review about your product or service.

Online reviews can make or break your brand. You just have to know how to leverage your customers’ sentiments to your advantage. And with your WordPress site being a great way to encourage your audience to engage, you will have to make sure you are handling online reviews well on the platform.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your online reviews:

1. Share your reviews

The world of marketing has reached a point where you are able to promote your brand across multiple channels. That said, it’s not enough to simply leave reviews on your WordPress site. You also need to share them across major social networking sites.

You can create graphics based on these reviews and post them on your main pages. These should make great additions to your pool of social media content ideas.

2. Encourage your audience

You can never deny the influence of online reviews. For one, less than 64% of buyers are less likely to purchase products with negative reviews. In order to raise the audience appeal of your brand, it’s important to solicit reviews from existing customers.

Ask them how your product or service helped them accomplish a certain goal. Don’t make it seem like you are forcing them to do so. Send them a friendly email or private message on social media thanking them for choosing your brand and asking them if they have the time to leave a comment or review.

3. Make them search engine-friendly

Reviews can be indexed by search engines such as Google, so they can also help in terms of improving your brand’s online searchability. One way you can make your reviews SEO friendly is by improving your reviews page and making it easy for your audience to leave comments.

In other words, use a clean and responsive web page design and layout and provide suggested terms or phrases your audience can use to write their reviews.

4. Respond immediately

Audience engagement is very important, so the least you can do is to leave people hanging, especially if they post lengthy reviews, questions, and complaints. At any rate, you need to tackle positive and negative comments as urgently as you can. This shows your audience that you value their opinions and you are not only in it for profits.

If someone leaves a positive comment, thank them for taking the time to do so. Getting rage-filled comments? Tell them you are doing what you can to make improvements and ask for patience and understanding. You want to take reviews seriously, so take the time to respond to each one.

There?s definitely a whole lot more you can do with reviews, so don?t take them for granted. Don?t forget to focus on improving the business itself because that will surely make your audience want to speak positively of your brand!