Top 10 Study Apps for College Students

The life of a college student is complicated by the fact that so much work has to be covered over a very short period. Most college students often find themselves falling behind due to a lack of organization. Thankfully, technology has provided some awesome solutions to student problems. With the coming of smart devices, students can now prepare for classes, organize their schedules and study for exams more comfortable. There are plenty of apps available for Android, iOS, and PCs that can help students maximize their potential.

In this blog, we look at the top ten apps that college students find useful.


Soundnote is the perfect app for students who struggle writing notes during lectures. Some lecturers are too fast and do not give students enough time to capture all the details. Thankfully, study apps like Soundnote make the work of taking notes much simpler. This app allows you to record the audio while taking notes. You can also synchronize your audio and written notes so that you are able to detect any differences and capture points you missed during the lecture. This Android and iOS app will cost you $5 but it is all worth it.


You might think that paperwork is a thing of the past. Well, the reality is that most institutions still use hard paper forms. Colleges need students to fill a lot of paperwork too. As you go through college, you realize that most lecture notes are available in hard copies. You have to either photocopy each manuscript or make an electronic one by scanning. TinyScan is an app that allows college students to scan any hard copy into soft copy using their phones. The free version only allows you to keep 2 copies on your phone.


Todoist has been rated among the best apps for students by most college students in the US. For most students, planning the day is a much bigger challenge than fulfilling the tasks in that day. Although a student might be capable of fully completing their daily chores, lack of a proper list may lead to failure in fulfilling everything. A detailed to-do list comes handy when dealing with deadlines such as submission of assignments etc. This app is effective since it helps create a detailed to-do list and helps remind the users when it is time to complete a certain task.

Wolfram Alpha

Students spend hours upon hours in the library trying to fish out facts from encyclopedias. It is almost impractical to find a simple statistic out of a 100 chapters book. Thankfully, this does not have to be the case anymore. Today, plenty of information is available on the internet. Of course, you cannot rely on every piece of information you come across out there. You cannot Google facts that need a citation to be proven. This is where college apps such as Wolfram Alpha come in handy. This app simply provides a collection of facts and data that can be referenced when doing research on any subject.


Google has become the center of our lives. In every aspect of professional life, Google provides solutions that are easy to use. Think about Google Drive, Google docs, Google calendars, etc. All these products are provided under one roof within the G-suite. This app is very helpful to students because it helps plan time and provides efficient study materials. Thankfully, G-Suite can be used on the phone and PC.

Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary has been an integral part of Western education for decades now. For many college students, the Oxford Dictionary is a must-have. Given that it is the most detailed of dictionaries, it is also among the most expensive. Further, recording the meaning of over 170,000 English words makes the dictionary a cumbersome book to carry around. Why carry the weight when you can have it all on your phone? According to the Oxford University Press, all the 170,000 words within the dictionary are now available online. 


One of the most frustrating situations a student has to go through is referencing. There are several styles of referencing used depending on your college. Like most students, I was often confused with the MLA, APA, Chicago, etc references. When searching for cheap prices to write my paper, I came across RefME. This app is definitely the right choice for any student who does not know how to reference their work. The app uses your phone’s camera to scan any book’s barcode and create a citation in the referencing style of your choice.


This is a simple Android/iOS app that allows students to create electronic flashcards, upload and transfer study materials, and practice quizzes. This app is the ideal virtual study room, where students can share everything there is to learn, without being in the same place.


Evernote is not an app for students alone but rather it is essential for everybody. This app is the most essential tool for organizing your day and planning your tasks. Evernote can be used to capture audio, text or handwritten notes. It is an ideal tool for keeping track of your activities and noting down important points throughout the day.

Dragon Dictation

This app is all about reducing the writing work done by students. It captures audio and converts it into any digital format you wish. You can use the app to capture notes during lectures or keep track of conversations during group discussions.


The life of a student is too complicated without the drama caused by exams and assignments. Just having an app that can help reduce the pressure is a plus for any student. Most college students can benefit from these apps since they help bring order and reduce the workload the student has to cover.