The Best Way to Generate Leads Through Digital Marketing

Businesses share a common goal, which is to make a profit and sustain operations for as long as possible. The ambitious work toward a spot at the New York Stock Exchange, but that is a long way to go, especially for start-ups with limited funding. Although digital marketing has opened doors to a quicker and more efficient way of lead procurement, not many companies know how to utilize it.

For a long time, sales-focused companies purchased leads from various sources to cold call. However, that has a staggeringly low conversion rate. At just 1%, there is little to no return on the investment.

Companies should consider introducing B2B marketing and sales funnel to your company, which will change the lead capture game into a streamlined and highly effective method.

Low-Cost Lead Procurement

The digital landscape has advanced to a degree where there are now more options for lead generation at a low cost. Naturally, you want to take advantage of all the available methods for lead procurement, such as web hosting, email marketing, video ads, and the like.

However, digital methods are only low cost as standalone campaigns. If you want a truly integrated strategy, then you would typically have to shell out thousands of dollars a month on subscriptions and technical skills. You would need to pay for programmers, designers, and twenty different software programs to get things done. It complicates and lengthens the process, making it highly unsustainable for B2B operations.

Rather than relying on multiple subscriptions for each step, a B2B marketing and sales funnel consolidates everything into a single platform. As a result, you only have to pay for an individual subscription to handle everything you will need to generate high-quality leads.

For instance, visuals play a huge role in delivering information, proving credibility, and attracting businesses to work with you. A proper funnel will come with templates and design functions to simplify the web design process and make it accessible to virtually anybody without the need for graphic design skills.

Higher Quality Leads

What differentiates B2B marketing and sales funnel from the traditional procurement method is that these leads are primarily inbound in nature. That means that you are targeting interested consumers who are more likely to convert to your product.

Unlike cold calling and telemarketing, which are progressively losing effectiveness, a funnel will target customers strategically. You do not need to waste time and energy by making 200 calls to uninterested people each day. Instead, you have to feed customers with optimized content to attract them to your site and keep them interested.

It is not difficult to create a compelling and universally accessible website, because a B2B marketing and sales funnel will make things simpler on your end. Without the help of a programmer, you can create and edit all relevant pages on your site, such as sales, order, squeeze, and landing pages. You can do A/B split tests to compare and measure variations in just a few minutes.

Targeting with Individual Funnels?

You might be worried about not attracting the right people or obtaining leads that are incompatible with your services. However, there are a variety of sales funnels that you can choose from, all in one software. Some pipelines will be useful for building a prospect pool, while others can generate targeted leads or increase sales.

You have options such as funnels specifically for product launches, memberships, webinars, and other needs. As a result, a single software can cater to a wide range of industries, campaigns, and purposes. It is a great way to elevate your lead generation while saving on costs and a win-win for both you and your customers, as they can get the services they need while you obtain more sales.