Top 17 Free Blogging Platforms For Bloggers

Blogging is considered as one of most ideal approaches to communicate your thoughts and conclusions and fabricate your own particular image on the web. There are a lot of blogging platforms accessible and each of them has their own particular advantages and impediments. There are tons of people worldwide who have some brilliant blogging success stories which can motivate you to start your own blog site and turn it into a business or you could become an internet entrepreneur.

Online blogging has been in trend since a long time and is still popular where people use it for small or large businesses and almost more than 200 million blogs have been published all over the world. There are plenty of blogging platforms available on the internet with amazing features which can lead to a great confusion. It might be very difficult to pick the best blogging software before starting your own blog.

Everybody wants to pick some type of platform which is very easy to use even for beginners and doesn’t require any coding. People also prefer to use blogging platforms which are free to use and you don’t have to pay a single penny for using them. This process of finding a perfect blogging platform which is free can be very hectic and time-consuming. So, to save you from this hassle I have created this blog post where I have hand-picked 17 of the best blogging platforms which are absolutely free to use. I have also provided the description and the website link which can make your work easier.


Yola limits you a bit in the event that you have amazing plans for your blog – you can just have two locales and three website pages with its free arrangement. Beginning is simple, with many customisable formats to browse, a clear site developer for assembling everything, adaptable designs and intuitive gadgets and lot more.



Jekyll takes your crude content documents, which might be composed in Markdown, on the off chance that you like, and transforms them into a powerful static site to have wherever you need. Making your blog with Jekyll maintains a strategic distance from the need to work with details, for example, databases, updates et cetera. It’s the motor behind GitHub Pages, which implies you can have your blog on there for nothing.



Starting this post with the most popular and widely used blogging platform which is WordPress which hosts millions of websites and blogs. WordPress is a self hosting blog service which is absolutely free. Users can have their own domain names. From beginners to professional users, anybody can use this platform easily with no coding.



Blogger is another amazing blogging platform by Google which is widely used all over the world. It is extremely easy to set up and you can use your blog without any hassle. This is also free to use and it provides you with reliability and security where anybody can use this blog even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.



Tumblr is a very famous blog where you can create awesome blogs without paying anything. This platform is full of teenagers and young people where they share their work. You can see popular blog on the homepage of Tumblr. Your posts can contain anything like audio, quotes, video, photos, texts, chats, links etc. It also have a vast number of theme options available where you can choose any one according to your choice.



Squarespace allows you to create your blog with easy set up where you can choose the theme of your choice. It does not require any coding knowledge which is also a reason people love to use it for their blogs. Another good thing about this platform is that it allows you to build your website with another sites features attached to it.



Wix is a hosted platform where you can create some of the great blogs or a website with easy customization options. You don’t need any coding knowledge for this platform and it also comes with drag and drop support where you can also add any other blog on your website using Wix Blog app.



Weebly is another free platform which is extremely easy to set up and you can choose any theme that goes well with your website. This hosted platform also has drag and drop tools which allows you to use the platform efficiently with no coding knowledge.



Penzu is another great blogging platform which is loved by more than 2 million writers around the world. This platform is very easy to use and comes with customization tools to make your work more easy. You can also write any kind of journals you want and it is extremely secure where you don;t have to worry about anyone hacking in to your website.



Medium is another platform for blogging which made a great difference in the blogging world when it was released. This platform is very minimalist where it will mainly focus on the content that you are producing and you can easily change the style of texts, images, videos etc but there are no theme customization options.



LiveJournal is another popular blogging platform which has more than 18 million blogs that have been created. It offers you both free and paid blog hosting services that you can choose from. You can also link your social media accounts where people can share your blogs on their social media platforms and even you can share it on different social media accounts.

Details is an easy to use blogging platform which lets you create awesome websites using different tools to make it according to your choice. It is extremely easy to set up where all you have to do is register yourself and just follow the three-step process. also has a stock photo library where you can make your website a lot more admissible.



Joomla is a great platform which is widely used all over the world. If you are planning to build your website on this platform then you must have knowledge of coding . You can customize the website according to your choice and you can even modify or delete the features if you don’t want them. It is a self hosted website where you can have a domain name of your own.



Blogster has a great number of users where they can arrange their blog posts into different categories that they want. It is very easy to set u and a free platform where users can upload photos and videos, make new friends, share links and opinions etc.



Ghost is a lite and simple hosted blogging platform where people can make simple blog posts and publish them. It has main focus on simple blogging and this platform is very fast. It doesn’t come with a huge amount of features.



Postagon is a free blogging platform which comes with a lot off features and is very easy to set up. This platform allows you to create simple and clean blog posts with a great interface in no time. It comes with a lot of features like social media sharing, RSS feeds, cross-browser editing etc.



Edublogs is another free blogging platform that allows you to choose from professional themes which are around 200 in number. This is a super easy to set up and largest blog for education in the educational blogging network which comes with a lot of customization options that you can choose from.


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