Top 8 Fonts From Techno Line

In the past every human can use only Microsoft Word fonts, and no one even gets thought about the ways to use it. Today that niche is so developed that you can easily pick up the font from the endless list, and most of all are free to download. Make your story more attractive, your site stylish, or even your messages funnier. Here are some examples of Techno fonts that you can download and use whatever you want.


Level seems pretty simple, but it?s not. If you look a bit deeper – you can see some precious details. Take a sight at angles and structure of Level – it’s worked out pretty well.


Empty white font with a solid black frame has good readability. That line fonts easy to input almost everywhere, from the personal blogs till newspaper topics.

Qube Font

Simple lines font always looks nice, you can actually to make the whole article in that style – and it would be great.

Underwear Protest

This one is kind of irregular font, mostly use for titles and decoration parts of the text. Easily to grab people’s attention using this style.


Roundy fonts look soft for the human eye, it’s easy to read, and some of the letters are weird. Take a look at ?F? letter, and you probably didn?t see something similar. People mostly love weird things, in the protest of the mainstream, I guess.

Escape Artist

One more weirdo font – Escape Artist. Using numeral in massages, it’s something that comes from the past, but when it’s done in that style – it’s attractive. Reverse 4, which is ?h? in this font it’s such a great decision, and all of the letters that would seem unreadable – stays the letters. You can check it at


Dot style has widespread use. From simply painting till tattoos, and here you can see the font in that style – a great way to decorate your article or blog post.

Smooth Pixel 7

Kind of triangles you can see in that option. It?s wide to the bottom and slim to the top. Symmetrical and looks pretty attractive.

Every font from that list is unique for reason that creators are different peoples. Their create that fonts (which is not so easy, it?s the whole science), and get it out on free font Sites. Some of their fonts are paid, of course, but you can find whatever you want font for free. Mostly the Fonts using by site creators, editors, blog owners etc, but its doesn?t mean that usually user can?t use it. Today mostly social sites allow you to download and input your font, as a sample – you can easily use it in the twitter. Just tell to the google ?how to install the Font in twitter? and you will fint a hundreds of guides.

In conclusion, I want to say that it’s a few samples from the endless fonts library. You can go ahead and pick up the best for yourself, download it for free and use wherever you want. Get inspired, write stories, songs, or even educational articles.