Instagram Followers: How to Grow Your Followership as a Brand in 2022

Instagram can be a powerful advertising tool for your company, as well as a method to build a dedicated audience that grows with it. In reality, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking networks, with over 500 million daily users.

There are, however, suitable, and creative ways to use your Instagram profile, just as there are for any other social networking platform. You might be asking how to gain more Instagram followers as you build your digital marketing toolset. After all, setting up a business account is just the beginning.

You can easily use Instagram to attract more business. Your efforts will not pay off in terms of creating clients if you don’t have anyone following you, or more significantly if you don’t have anyone relevant following you. This article will show you how to grow your Instagram following simply just using proven tactics. These will be especially beneficial if you’re new to Instagram and want to quickly build an involved community of followers.

Why is Your Followership Important as a Brand?

The entire social media system operates similarly to the rest of the world. The effect is quite genuine, even if the channel is the internet and the effect is virtual. As a result, just as in actual life, having a huge number of Instagram followers provides several benefits.

Instagram is a well-known social media platform. A person’s sphere of influence can be greatly expanded by gaining Instagram followers. Both personal and professional relationships can benefit from this.

A company or brand with a large number of Instagram followers appears to be more reliable. Those attempting to build a brand on Instagram must appear honest and trustworthy. Having a huge following allows you to engage with more people and gain input on your account and posts and also increases your amount of likes. This opens up more doors than ever before. 

If you do not have that many likes in the beginning then you can purchase real Instagram likes for a kickstart. Furthermore, having a social network account allows you to interact with others in a social atmosphere.

Here are some tips to increase your following as a brand in 2022.

1. Explore reels

Throughout 2022, reels will continue to gain in popularity. Video is here to stay, whether you like it or not. Now is the moment to make a Reel if you haven’t already. You can begin with a small task.

Simply choose a song, point to various locations in mid-air on the beat, and then add text that describes an idea or anything about your company where you’re pointing. When it comes to Reels, the greatest advice is to start blogging and then maintain publishing consistently. The more Reels you make, the more skilled you will become.

As a result, make sure you can experiment with different sorts of films to find what works best for your audience. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on your analytics to see what they’re interested in. Also, have a good time with it. Sure, this is a business film, but it should be fun for both you and your viewers to see.

2. Follow a posting schedule

Building a loyal Instagram following requires consistency. It won’t be enough to post a few photographs or videos at various periods during the month. Instead, you should plan out an Instagram content calendar. This will allow you to incorporate a variety of content types and themes to increase interaction.

Additionally, use Instagram Insights to determine which days and times your posts receive increased web traffic. Make adjustments to your posting schedule with it. You should also consider scheduling your Instagram posts in advance using social media management tools like Hootsuite or Buffer.

3. Quality over quantity

According to some authorities, you should post on Instagram one to three times per day; nevertheless, this may not be the ideal strategy for you. While brand familiarity is advantageous, numerous posts may be regarded as junk by your audiences, who will unfollow you.

Second, your intended audience’s user engagement rates may suffer if you start publishing many times per day and subsequently slow down.

Post less frequently if you can not provide greater photographs every day. It’s usually better to post a few high-quality images per week than a bunch of low-quality material all at once. Use Instagram analytics to see which trending and top posts your followers and the Instagram algorithm liked the most.

You may also use Instagram advertisements to promote your high-performing posts, with a call-to-action to visit your profile and visit your site.

4. Consistency is key

Consistency is critical for both gaining and retaining followers. If someone likes one or two of your posts and decides to follow you, they’ll want to see more of your posts with the same tone.

You don’t want to change your tone and appear flippant and casual if you come across as educated, to begin with. That isn’t, in a sense, what your fans signed up for. Think about what kind of tone you want to have on Instagram before you start posting.

Are you going to have a good time? Irreverent? Professional? Fun-loving? There is no right or wrong solution, but you must choose a strategy for your brand and stick to it. While you’re getting the hang of it, pick a few words that represent your brand in the tone you’ve selected and aim to utilize one of them in each of your next several posts.

5. Collaborate with influencers

In 2022, influencer marketing will be the real deal. People will trust the influencers they adore, which might help your brand. This is the year to try working with an influencer if you’ve never done it before. Consider a good pitch and then give it a shot.

Before you go into their DMs and pitch a relationship, start by following them and participating in their content to let them know you exist. Whether you believe it or not, working with a micro-influencer is a great idea.

Micro-influencers have a stronger connection with their audience than major influencers with millions of followers. That connection is crucial in this environment because it indicates that the followers are available and eager to believe what the influencer has to share and promote.

Also, make sure you’re targeting the same people. Engaging with an influencer is only worthwhile if their audience is interested in your product or service.

6. Use Instagram stories

Instagram began as a photo-sharing social media platform, but it has already expanded well beyond that. Every day, 500 million new stories are created around the world.

Instagram stories are designed to allow you to quickly and conveniently share your life moments. The best benefit is that all stories appear at the top of the Instagram feed without the need for prepayments or post boosting.

Despite the fact that stories only remain 24 hours, their impact lasts a lot longer, particularly with the most famous stories, which you may include in your profile’s highlights section and allow the public to replay. Of course, stories can be in the form of a photograph, but videos are more engaging.

7. Use the correct hashtag

Hashtags are one of the most effective ways to broaden your Instagram audience and exposure. Although you can use up to 30 hashtags in a post on Instagram, you should just use those that are most appropriate.

Determine which hashtags are most popular in your industry and which hashtags your target audience is most likely to use. Establish a brief and unique personalized hashtag to help your brand stand out. Include the hashtag on your profile to encourage your fans to utilize it. Try uploading user-generated content to your account to enhance your engagement and reach.

8. Be relatable and original

Instagram’s algorithm is entirely reliant on demonstrating to Instagram that your material is interesting and engaging. Instagram will recognize your material is worth seeing if people are sharing and saving it, and it will be more likely to expose it to more people.

The year 2022 is all about being genuine. Your fans want to see that you’re a real person or a brand they can readily relate to. The days of perfectly curated feeds are long gone, but that doesn’t mean you should just post whatever you want. You still want to make a nice-looking page, but it doesn’t have to be so perfect that nothing seems out of place.


This year, there are a variety of strategies to expand your Instagram presence. Consider the style and overall appearance of your profile, and ensure that you publish regularly and that the stuff you share is useful to your fans.

Use Instagram hashtags and geotagging to expand your audience. Make it easy for others to find you and see your key interests and themes that are relevant to your personal branding. On social media, collaborate with other influencers and brands. Other accounts can increase your visibility through shoutouts, promotions, and giveaways.